The Last Outpost (Episode)

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The Last Outpost
"The Last Outpost" (TNG 107)

"The Last Outpost" (TNG 107)
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 1
Episode 6
Production Number 107
Release Date 19 Oct 1987

Stardate 41386.4: The Enterprise chases Ferengi bandits

The Enterprise readies for the first Federation contact with the Ferengi, the supercapitalists of the galaxy, while chasing one of their vessels to retrieve an outpost's stolen T-9 energy converter.

The chase ends abruptly when both ships find themselves immobilized over an unknown planet, which turns out to be an outpost of the long-dead Tkon Empire. A joint mission to investigate ends in a double-cross when the Ferengi ambush Riker's away team.

An automated Tkon guard, Portal, emerges from centuries of slumber and challenges the two sides. The Ferengi tire him, but he is impressed by Riker's wisdom and Federation ethics, and Portal frees both ships.

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