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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Hood
U.S.S. Hood
U.S.S. Hood (TNG168)

U.S.S. Hood (TNG168)
Registry NCC-42296[1]
Class Excelsior
First Appearance TNG101-102 (26 Sep 1987)
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

The Federation Starship Hood was an Excelsior class vessel commanded by Captain Robert DeSoto. Commander William Riker served as first officer aboard the Hood prior to his posting as first officer of the newly-commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D.[2]

On Stardate 41153.7, the Hood dropped off a number of personnel at Farpoint Station for transfer to the Enterprise, including Riker. The Hood remained on station until after Admiral Leonard McCoy completed his visit to the new Enterprise. Afterward, the Hood transported McCoy back to Federation space.[2]

The Hood and the U.S.S. Merrimac NCC-61627 were dispatched to the Romulan Neutral Zone on SD43463.7 when a Romulan defector, Alidar Jarok, warned that he had received information indicating that the Romulan Star Empire was planning to instigate a war with the Federation, though the information proved to be false.[3] The Enterprise was scheduled to join the Hood at Browder IV on SD43714.1, where the Hood was engaged in a terraforming mission.[4] On SD43779.3, the Hood rendezvoused with the Enterprise in the Hayashi system to deliver Tam Elbrun and orders to proceed to Beta Stromgren for an encounter with a living starship dubbed "Tin Man."[5]

In 2367, the Hood underwent a major system upgrade at Starbase 174.[1] During the Dominion War, the Hood fought in the Battle of Chin'toka in 2374 as part of a combined allied fleet.[6]

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Mirror Universe

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Myriad Universes

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