U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703 (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Hood
U.S.S. Hood
Registry NCC-1703[1]
Class Constitution
Commissioned RSD1/9307
Status Scrapped (RSD2/1202)
First Appearance TOS15 (2 Feb 1967)
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Federation Starship Hood, a Constitution class cruiser[2] was authorized by the Star Fleet Appropriation of Stardate 0965[3] and commissioned on Reference Stardate 1/9307 (July 2193). On RSD2/0402 (February 2204), the ship was refit to Mark III specifications.[4] Montgomery Scott served aboard the Hood as assistant chief engineer, following his promotion to Lieutenant. The Hood was commanded at that time by Captain Hojo Yorii, who awarded Scott for conspicuous gallantry during an engagement with a Kangor class Klingon battlecruiser on Stardate 1469.2 (11 August 2192).[5] The Hood was at Starbase 11 for repairs on SD2947.3, which were approximately 50% complete at the time.[6] On SD4729.4, the Hood participated in the disastrous tests of the M-5 multitronic computer.[2]

On SD7636.2[7] (RSD 2/1101; January 2211[8]) the Hood, commanded by Captain Hugo Revere, was ordered to investigate an interphase rift between two rotating neutron stars near Tholian space, to determine its potential use as a weapon. By SD7662.4[7] (RSD 2/1104; April 2211[8]), the Hood had been pulled into interphase. The data the ship had collected was recovered by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, but the ship and crew were lost.[7]

The Hood was recovered, however, on RSD 2/1201 (January 2212) by the U.S.S. Cre'cy NCC-4312.[8] Shortly after returning to service, the Hood was escorting a group of merchantmen to Starbase 12 when the convoy was attacked by a Klingon D-7M K't'inga class cruiser.[9] Afterward, the Hood was scrapped.[8][10]

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Notes and References

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