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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 0/2001 through 0/2912


  • RSD 0/20: The first manned mission to Saturn reports evidence of alien visitation. This remarkable find begins to change humanity's perspective on its place in the universe.[2]


  • RSD 0/2001: The Vulcan scientist Sardax proves the feasibility of interstellar travel using the base camp approach to long-range exploration. A series of supply/support colonies are later founded within a ten light year radius of Vulcan, with succeeding generations of colonists, in turn, continuing the expansion.[3]




Martian fossils (SFC)

Martian fossils (SFC)

  • RSD 0/2100: Evidence of life is found on Mars in the form of skeletal structures of insect-like creatures.[2]
  • Topaline (element 117) is discovered on Ganymede.[1]


  • RSD 0/2102: The first Tellarite experiments using a form of interstellar ramjet begin.[3]


  • RSD 0/22: U.N.S.S. Courageous, a DY-500 class vessel under the command of Captain Fitzsimmons Wallabee, becomes the worst tragedy in the 65-year history of space flight when a solar flare penetrates a flaw in the ship's shielding, sending the vessel on an uncontrolled course into interstellar space. The incident leads to a design upgrade and new safety standards for all forthcoming ships.[2]


  • RSD 0/2207: First contact occurs between the Andorian Empire and the Vegan Tyrrany, a mysterious race of beings whose origins and physical appearance have never been determined. Some scholars suggest that the Vegan Tyranny were cybernetic rather than organic. At this time, they had lost much of their original power and influence, though it is not known how. The war between this race and the Andorians will rage off and on for many years. Due to the Andorians, the Vegan Tyranny fails to regain their empire, and they all but disappear after 2090.[3]
  • RSD 0/2210 (October): Jackson Roykirk, designer of the Stellar Series probes, dies.[2][3]


  • RSD 0/23: Fusion propulsion is given increased R&D funding to speed its feasibility in spaceship use.[2]
  • Celebium (element 113) and pergium (element 111) are discovered on Mercury.[1]



  • RSD 0/25: Twelve probes are sent into Jupiter's red spot, sending back data showing that it is the result of inner core—and not merely atmospheric—processes.[2]
  • RSD 0/2508 (August): T'Sarra introduces the Kolinahr mental discipline on Vulcan.[3]


  • RSD 0/26: The capital city of the asteroid belt, Asteropolis, opens as the center of all mining activity. It is also used, at times, as a way-station and refueling depot for increasing outer planet expeditions.[2]



  • RSD 0/28: The Jupiter Base on Ganymede begins expanded research into the Solar System's largest planet.[2]
  • RSD 0/28: The Galileo class enters service. One of the most durable workhorses in spaceflight history, Galileo class ships like the U.N.S.S. Tycho Brahe were early fusion ships that could attain modest relativistic speeds and began to take humanity into interstellar space.[2]
  • RSD 0/2808.12 (12 August): Astronomers on Alpha Centauri pick up intelligent signals from outside their system. These signals will later be identified as originating from Vulcan.[3]


  • RSD 0/29: Mysterious, intelligent signals are received at Farside Moonbase 2C. Emanating at 327° toward the Galactic Center in Sagittarius from a distance of 15,000 light years, they are the first extraterrestrial communications ever heard by Humans.[2][3]
  • Irillium (element 116) is discovered in the Sol system's asteroid belt.[1]

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