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Myriad Universes: Robert April
Robert April
Robert April (2253) (TOS Crew IDW 05)
Robert April (2253) (TOS Crew IDW 05)
Species Human
Sex Male
Born 2195
Portrayed by James Doohan (Voice)

Six months into construction, Captain Robert April took the empty hull of the Enterprise,[1] designated the NX-0002,[2] on a secret mission to retrieve a lost colony vessel, the S.S. Rosenberg, trapped in an ion storm. April hand-picked a command crew he could trust, including his oldest friend George Kirk and his future wife, Sarah Poole. While underway, sabotage threw the Enterprise into the Romulan Neutral Zone, and nearly sparked another war with the Romulan Star Empire. With some assistance from a defecting Romulan, April and Kirk managed to defuse the situation and rescue the colonists.[1]

In 2244, April married Sarah Poole, and she agreed to sign aboard the Enterprise as Chief Medical Officer.[3] In 2245, On the first of several shakedown cruises launched by Federation President Solomon Qasr,[4] the NX-0002 was commanded by retiring Admiral Charles Rasmussen, as part of a centuries-old tradition where a former captain takes a vessel out with a skeleton crew for its shakedown as his final assignment. During that mission, a team of Klingons attempted to steal the ship, but Rasmussen, aided by Cadet Una, managed to stop them, albeit at the cost of Rasmussen's life.[2] April assumed command as the first captain of the Enterprise,[5][6] and commanded the ship from 2245 through 2250,[7][6]

In October 2246, the Enterprise was assigned to deliver urgently needed food to the colony on Tarsus IV[3] after a deadly fungal infection attacked and destroyed the crops.[8] As the Enterprise neared the system, it was was attacked by the I.K.S. Kut'luch, under Commander Kor, heavily damaging the Enterprise. After disabling the Kut'luch, the Enterprise arrived at Tarsus IV, only to discover the genocide that had occurred on the planet at the hands of Governor Kodos. Though he was relieved to discovery that young James T. Kirk, the son of his friend George Kirk, had survived, he couldn't help but wonder if the staggering loss of life could have been prevented had the Enterprise reached the colony sooner.[3] April met with Captain Aurobindo Korrapati of the U.S.S. Narbonne and Starfleet officers Philippa Georgiou and Gabriel Lorca; he informed them that his wife had made significant progress in isolating the source of the fungal infection and that the cure would likely be ready within a week. The Enterprise remained at Tarsus IV for another 79 days, leading the relief efforts after the departure of the Narbonne.[8]

When he was offered a promotion to commodore,[5] he was succeeded by his first officer[7][6] of the past three years,[9] Christopher Pike.[5][7][6] Later that year, with the help of Admiral Eugene Mallory, April helped to ensure that James Kirk was admitted to Starleet Academy.[10]

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