The Return of the Archons (Episode)

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Myriad Universes: "The Return of the Archons"
The Return of the Archons
"The Return of the Archons" (TOS22)

"The Return of the Archons" (TOS22)
Series Star Trek
Season 1
Episode 21
Production Number 22

Previous Tomorrow is Yesterday (TOS21)
Next A Taste of Armageddon (TOS23)
Released 9 Feb 1967
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate 3156.2: The Enterprise crew finds a world run by a computer named Landru.

The Enterprise visits planet Beta III in System C111 to learn the fate of the Archon, a Federation ship that had visited the planet a century before. After beaming down to explore the planet, Sulu is hit by a strange ray. Transported back aboard the Enterprise, he is found to be under the influence of a controlling force. A landing party beams down and sees the planet's populace suddenly begin going mad, which lasts exactly twelve hours. Reger, a native whose daughter Tula was a participant in "the Red Hour," tells them that monklike Lawgivers roam the planet serving the ruling mystical figure, Landru. Outsiders—such as the crew of the Archon and Sulu—are "absorbed" and transformed into a part of "the body." Reger and Marplon, two members of the anti-Landru underground, prevent Kirk and Spock from being absorbed. Kirk then learns that Landru is a computer, programmed by a scientist and leader thousands of years before to protect his people. Kirk destroys the computer, freeing the people of Beta III to rule themselves.

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William Shatner

Also Starring
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Directed by
Joseph Pevney

Teleplay by
Boris Sobelman

Story by
Gene Roddenberry

Produced by
Gene L. Coon

Executive Producer
Gene Roddenberry

Created by
Gene Roddenberry

Associate Producer
Robert H. Justman

Script Consultant
Steven W. Carabatsos

Guest Star
Harry Townes as Reger
Torin Thatcher as Marplon
DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy

Brioni Farrell as Tula
Sid Haig as First Lawgiver
Charles Macaulay as Landru
Jon Lormer as Tamar
Morgan Farley as Hacom
Christopher Held as Lindstrom
George Takei as Sulu
James Doohan as Scott
Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
Sean Morgan as O'Neil
Ralph Maurer as Bilar
David L. Ross as Guard

Music Composed and Conducted by
Alexander Courage

Director of Photography
Jerry Finnerman

Art Directors
Rolland M. Brooks
Walter M. Jefferies

Film Editor
Fabien Tordjmann

Assistant to the Producer
Edward K. Milkis

Assistant Director
Gregg Peters

Set Decorator
Marvin March

Costumes Created by
William Theiss

Post Production Executive
Bill Heath

Music Editor
Jim Henrikson

Sound Editor
Douglas H. Grindstaff

Sound Mixer
Jack F. Lilly

Photographic Effects
Film Effects of Hollywood

Script Supervisor
George A. Rutter

Music Consultant
Wilbur Hatch

Music Coordinator
Julian Davidson

Special Effects
Jim Rugg

Property Master
Irving A. Feinberg

George H. Merhoff

Head Grip
George Rader

Production Supervisor
Bernard A. Widin

Makeup Artist
Fred B. Phillips, S.M.A.

Hair Styles by
Virginia Darcy, C.H.S.

Wardrobe Mistress
Margaret Makau

Joseph D'Agosta

Glen Glenn Sound Co.

A Desilu Production

In Association with
Norway Corporation

Executive in Charge of Production
Herbert F. Solow