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Myriad Universes: Vulcans
Sarek, a Vulcan male (2249) (DSC 06)

Sarek, a Vulcan male (2249) (DSC 06)
Homeworld Vulcan
Notable Individuals Surak, Solkar, T'Pol, T'Pau, Sarek, Spock, Saavik
First Appearance TOS 05 (8 Sep 1966)

The Vulcans, sometimes called "Vulcanians,"[1] were members of the United Federation of Planets[2] and were dedicated to a philosophy of total logic.[3] Though humanoid, Vulcans could be distinguished by their pointed ears and upswept eyebrows.[2] Vulcans' blood was green, and their blood pressure was "practically nonexistent" with a typical pulse of 242 beats per minute.[4] A Vulcan's heart was located in the lower left of their chest, near the bottom of the rib cage.[1]

Vulcans possessed limited telepathic abilities, and were able to perform a mind meld, which would link their mind with that of another person.[5]

Vulcans made first contact with Humans on 5 April 2063.[6]

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