Mudd's Women (Episode)

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Mudd's Women
"Mudd's Women"

"Mudd's Women"
Season 1
Episode 6
Production Number 04
Released 13 October 1966

Stardate 1329.1: The Enterprise rescues con artist Harry Mudd and his "beautiful" female cargo.

Harry Mudd, with his cargo of three beautiful women, is beamed aboard the Enterprise just as his ship is destroyed in an asteroid field. In rescuing Mudd and his women, the Enterprise burns out its lithium crystals. The starship proceeds as quickly as it can to a mining planet to replenish its supply. Mudd, against whom Kirk has filed criminal charges, makes advance contact with the miners, promising them his women in exchange for his freedom. The miners, led by Ben Childress, agree to the deal—only to discover that the women are using a highly illegal Venus drug to make themselves beautiful. The marriages work out nonetheless, and Kirk gets Harry—and the crystals he needs to run his ship.

Related Data
Astrometrics asteroid field; Earth; Milky Way galaxy; Ophiucus III; pelagic planet; Rigel XII; Saturnius
Chronology Prime Timeline: Stardate 1116.4; Stardate 1329.1-1330.1; 2263; 2266
Culture double jack; harem; marriage; paragon; solitaire; soul; virtue; wiving settlers
Education doctor; doctorate; physician
Food gelatin; water
People Benton; Bonaventure, Ruth; Childress, Ben; Connors; Farrell, John; Gossett, Hiram; Kirk, James T.; Kovas, Magda; McCoy, Leonard; McHuron, Eve; Mudd, Harcourt Fenton; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Sulu; Uhura; Walsh, Leo
Politics countess; duchess; hearing; police; queen; Starfleet; Starfleet Ranks (Crewman; Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander; Captain); United Federation of Planets
Science & Technology anatomy; audio receiver; batteries; bed; blood; canals; communications; communicator; computer; cookware; day; deflector dish; deflectors; diamond; distress signal; farming; gold; heart; helium; helium experimental station; Human anatomy; impulse drive; infrared; ion; life support; lithium crystals; magnetism; mattress; medical scanner; mile; mining; minute; mud; orbit; PADD; perfume; phaser; pound; psychiatry; radiation; registration beam; scanners; Schiller rating; sea ranching; sensors; shields; stove; subspace; subspace radio; tin; ton; transporter; tricorder; Venus drug; voice recognition; Vulcan anatomy; warp drive; warp nacelle; water; well; year
Ships & Vehicles Class J cargo ship; Constitution class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
Xenology Humans; Vulcans
Miscellaneous bridge; confinement; counterfeit; flight plan; fraud; money; ship captain; sickbay; smuggling; Starfleet Uniforms (2266); theft