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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 0/3001 through 0/3912


  • RSD 0/30: The inhabitants of the planet Cygnet XIV undergo a global political upheaval, resulting in the formal establishment of a dominant matriarchal system. Through succeeding generations, females are granted educational and other social privileges at the expense of the males. Although this system allows cybernetics and computer technology to grow, the social gap between the sexes also grows.[1]
  • RSD 0/3008.03 (3 August): First contact occurs between the Tellarites and Rigellian traders.[1]


  • RSD 0/31: A second Jupiter base on Ganymede joins in the research of the huge planet, while also starting studies of the other Jovian moons.[2]
  • RSD 0/3109 (September): The Tellarites discover the fabulous wealth of the Orion homeworlds.[1]


  • RSD 0/32: A series of second-generation, greatly-improved interstellar probes are launched from Earth's moon.[2]
  • RSD 0/32: A call to rescind the Space Homesteading Act is defeated in view of the asteroid belt's obvious benefits to Earth.[2]
  • RSD 0/32: The inhabitants of the planet Edo begin to cultivate local fruits, with the goal of producing high-quality vintages. From these initial efforts will arise a planet-wide industry devoted to the production of the most sought-after wines, brandies, and liqueurs in the galaxy.[1]
  • RSD 0/3203 (March): The United Nations commissions a Solar Fleet for security and rescue purposes throughout the inhabited Solar system.[2][1]


  • RSD 0/33: A manned mission enters a 40 million kilometer orbit of the sun in order to study the star up close.[2]
  • RSD 0/33: The Companion class escort enters service. Carrying a crew of 20, Companion class vessels like the U.N.S.S. Fisher will remain in service until 2080.[2]



  • RSD 0/35: The experimental ship AFP-1 explodes with all hands. This is a major setback for interstellar travel capability. The destruction of the prototype is claimed by Colonel Green, a former United Nations Armed Forces officer. This act of sabotage begins what is now referred to as Colonel Green's War. Though the war lasts less than one year, several widespread incidents of industrial sabotage and urban terrorism show the enormous potential of such groups.[2][1]


  • RSD 0/36: The Saratoga class cargo carrier enters service. With a crew of 18, Saratoga class vessels will remain in service until 2060.[2]
  • RSD 0/3605 (May): New space-time researches from the Wells series probe U.N.P. Drake find holes in the general theory of relativity, making faster-than-light communication and travel theoretically possible, though not yet a reality.[2][3]


  • RSD 0/37: Space farms, huge orbiting windmill-shaped constructions, become a new source of food for Earth.[2]



  • RSD 0/39: The first Pluto base opens, and will serve as a navigational checkpoint for extra-solar missions.[2][1]

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