2196 (FASA)

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Reference Stardate 1/9601 through 1/9612





  • RSD 1/9605: The Battles of Jevol, Klaf, and Ogolo are fought. Upon graduation, the first class of officers trained in the Marine Academy receive assignments with marine combat formations.[1]


D-10 class cruiser (FASA 2002) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

D-10 class cruiser (FASA 2002) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

  • RSD 1/9606: The Klingon D-10A class cruiser enters service and is immediately sent into combat. It becomes the most respected ship in the Klingon Imperial Navy. The Klingon D-20A class cruiser also enters service at this time, filling a role similar to that of the D7A class. These new ships are a landmark in Klingon ship technology, both incorporating the first binary trasnformer deflector shields ever used on Klingon warships.[1]



  • RSD 1/9610: The Battle of Kesse occurs. A fast-moving Federation task force traveling within Klingon-held space catches a vital Klingon convoy by surprise. A number of escorts and freighters are destroyed, and a D-10 class cruiser is severely damaged.[1]
  • RSD 1/9610: The Aakenn class freighter is commissioned and put into service.[1]



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