Pike, Christopher (FASA)

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Christopher Pike
Christopher Pike in 2254 (TOS 00)
Christopher Pike in 2254 (TOS 00)
Species Human
Sex Male
Place of Birth Mojave, California, Earth
Portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter (TOS 00)
Sean Kenney (TOS 15-16)

Captain Christopher Pike was born and spent his boyhood in Mojave, California on Earth. His mother made chicken-tuna sandwiches for him.[1] Pike assumed command of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on Reference Stardate 1/9506 (June 2195), following the retirement of the ship's previous captain, Robert April.[2] One year later, on Reference Stardate 1/9608 (August 2196),[2] he made contact with the Talosians on Talos IV,[1] and upon his recommendation, the planet was quarantined by the Federation.[2]

On Reference Stardate 2/0704 (April 2207), Pike accepted promotion to Fleet Captain, with oversight over Constitution class vessel operations, and handed command of the Enterprise over to Captain James T. Kirk.[2] Kirk and Pike only met briefly at the change of command ceremony, but it would not be their last meeting. Two years later, while observing a cadet cruise aboard an old J class freighter, Pike rescued several cadets from delta radiation when the ship's engine core suffered an accident. The radiation exposure destroyed Pike's nervous system, and while his brain was still fully functional, he was completely dependent upon a life support chair and could not interact with the world around him beyond a rough system involving a light and beeping function that he could flash once for "yes," or twice for "no." His former science officer aboard the Enterprise, Lieutenant Commander Spock, now the ship's first officer, clandestinely worked with the Talosians to abduct Pike from Starbase 11 and return him to Talos IV, where the Talosians could use their powers of illusion to give him a semblance of a normal life once again.[3][4]

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