Battle of Axanar

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On Reference Stardate 1/9405.29 (29 May 2194), a single D-4E class cruiser traveling at warp 5 was spotted eight parsecs from Axanar by the U.S.S. Xenophon, a Marklin class destroyer under the command of Captain Kelvar Garth (aka "Garth of Izar"). Garth observed the Klingon vessel for several days, precisely plotting the ship's course: the Klingon ship's only possible destination was Axanar.[1]

The Sawyer class U.S.S. Gulliver had received orders on Reference Stardate 1/9403 (March 2194) to make a routine visit to Axanar as a follow-up to an earlier visit conducted by the U.S.S. Yardley. The Gulliver wasn't heard from again after that, and although the ship had not yet been officially listed as missing, Captain Garth concluded that something had gone wrong, and that this Klingon vessel was somehow involved. Garth engaged the D-4, ordering its commander to surrender. When the D-4 attempted to raise shields and bring its weapons on line, Garth used superior tactics to disable the Klingon ship's warp drive.[1]

On Reference Stardate 1/9406.05 (05 June 2194), the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard NCC-1712 recovered the Gulliver's recorder buoy, and learned of the task force that had occupied the system and destroyed the Gulliver when it came out of warp there on Reference Stardate 1/9404.01 (01 April 2194). The Bonhomme Richard immediately set course for Axanar, transmitting both its log and the Gulliver's to Star Fleet Command, which in turn informed the Federation Council. By this time, Garth and the Xenophon were already on their way to Axanar.[1]

The Klingon task force at Axanar was immediately contacted. The Klingon commander, Admiral Kkorhetza, was given a choice between withdrawing his entire force to the Klingon border under a Star Fleet escort and outright surrender. Perhaps generously, he was given four months in which to contact his government and receive their instructions. Arriving at Axanar on Reference Stardate 1/9407.09 (09 July 2194), several hours before the Bonhomme Richard, Captain Garth was given overall command of a squadron whose orders were to maintain complete surveillance of the Axanar system and contain the Klingon warships. On Reference Stardate 1/9408.29 (29 August 2194), Garth's scouts detected a second Klingon task force, consisting of two squadrons of D-4E cruisers and numerous cargo freighters and assault ships, moving toward Axanar.[1]

Garth split his squadron into three groups. One remained at Axanar, while the other two left the system at high warp. The new Klingon task force moved in, pinning the first group and crippling several of the scouts. Meanwhile, the second group conducted a massive communications counterintelligence operation, simulating the subspace radio traffic of several large Federation fleets moving to encircle the Klingons, who broke off their initial attacks and reformed for a second attack. The third group then moved into covert attack positions, and directed their fire into the unshielded aft sections of more than half the Klingon force.[1]

Three Star Fleet scouts were destroyed, and four destroyers (including the Xenophon) and the cruiser Bonhomme Richard were badly damaged. Six D-4E cruisers were destroyed and nearly all the other Klingon warships were damaged before the Klingon task force commander surrendered to Captain Garth, who was also wounded when his ship was hit. The Klingon reinforcements never reached Axanar and no supply line was established.[1]

On Reference Stardate 1/9409.29 (29 September 2194), Klingon Admiral Kkorhetza finally replied to the Federation's demands, unaware of the destruction of his reinforcing task force. He declared, "An alliance now exists between the powerful Klingon Empire and its honorable servitor, the natives of the world of Axanar. By the insulting condition in the terms of your own weakness-infested Council's 'ultimatum,' a state of war is now in effect between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets." Following the declaration of war, and having received additional reinforcements of his own, Garth's task force moved into the Axanar system on Reference Stardate 1/9409.30 (30 September 2194). Garth soundly defeated the seven-warship invasion fleet in what came to be known as the Second Battle of Axanar.[1]

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