Chronology: 2159

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Reference Stardate 1/0807 through 1/0812


  • RSD 1/0807.25 (25 January): Four Romulan squadrons bombard Alpha Omega B with "star bomb" missiles, rendering the planet uninhabitable. Two Romulan squadrons performing diversionary tactics are wiped out by local defense squadrons, but more than 20,000 military and civilian personnel are killed in the main attack.[1]


  • RSD 1/0809: Shortages of personnel, starships, and supplies reach critical levels for both Coalition and Romulan forces, as both fleets force deep penetrations into the opposing governments' territory. Numerous raids and battle losses make it increasingly difficult for either side to form effective formations and continue the war. (FASA 2221A: "The Romulan War")
  • Date Unknown: When war breaks out between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire, a member of the Vulcan Science Academy, Skon—son of the first Vulcan ambassador to Earth, Solkar—recalls reading T'Pek's paper on Vulcana's Betrayal, particularly on the origin of the Romulans and the location of their homeworld. He shares the information with a family friend, T'Pau, the new head of the Vulcan government. Already aware of the Romulans' connection to Vulcan, and recognizing the need for secrecy, she shares the information with Commander T'Pol of the Enterprise, who is also one of the few people who knows the secret; T'Pol then relays the information back to Starfleet Command on Earth.[2]



  • 21 November: Chapter 19[3]


  • RSD 1/0811.01 (1 November): While on an exploration and survey mission in the Triangle, the Cavalier is ambushed by Romulan cruisers in a newly-discovered planetary system. After completing their attack, the Romulan vessels depart without examining the system. A twelve-man landing party under the command of Lieutenant Lawrence David Baker is stranded there.[1]
  • RSD 1/0811.25 (12 November): A Coalition fleet of five squadrons stumbles onto a major Romulan base at Manarram, dealing the enemy a major defeat. Manned only by skeleton crews during resupply operations, more than 30 Romulan cruisers and gunboats are destroyed in orbit before they can fire a shot. Six Coalition vessels are lost when the planetary base destroys itself after its defenses sustain serious damage. The loss of the base and warships are crippling, and the Romulan war effort never fully recovers. This is the deepest penetration of Coalition forces into Romulan space.[1]
  • RSD 1/0811.30 (15 November): One full sector of the battle zone is placed under a strict media blackout as Operation Golden Pheasant is carried out. The purpose of the exercise is to move a partially-constructed cruiser, the Juggernaut, to a more secure naval shipyard near Andoria.[1]