Chronology: 2160

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Reference Stardate 1/0900 through 1/0912


  • 10 January: The First Battle of Cheron: Atlantis, Enterprise, and Defiant attack the Romulan shipyards at Cheron, drawing the bulk of the remaining Romulan fleet to intercept them. Meanwhile, the Lexington leads a fleet of Denobulan warships in an attack on Romulus itself. During the battle, Defiant, commanded by Admiral Gardner, is lost with all hands, while only two of the seven Romulan ships are destroyed. The tide of battle turns when Praetor Gilaeus personally orders the forces protecting Cheron to return and defend Romulus, not realizing the attack there was merely a diversionary tactic. The inexperienced Admiral Tal orders three ships back to Romulus; the remaining two are easily defeated by Enterprise and Atlantis, which then proceed to destroy the shipyards. The mission a success, Lexington and the Denobulans change course and return to Coalition territory.[1]
  • RSD 1/0901.20 (20 January): In his now-famous "Sighted Man of Peace" address to the Coalition Council, Senior Councilman Abraham Dannon recommends offering a peace treaty to the Romulans. During the next ten days, advocates of both viewpoints hold heated discussions on the proposition.[2]



  • 19 April: Chapter 21[3]
  • RSD 1/0904.28 (28 April): The Coalition Council receives a response from the Romulan Star Empire. According to the Imperial Senate, the treaty must contain the provisions that no members of the warring races meet face-to-face, and that no ships may cross the proposed Neutral Zone. Additional information on the exact location, dimensions, and restrictions applying to the Zone are also emphatically requested. Councilman Dannon, placed in charge of the subspace negotiations, responds within one week.[2]


  • 1 May/43 Khuti Year of D'Era 1184 (Romulus): Chapter 22[3]
  • RSD 1/0905.01 (1 May): The Second Battle of Cheron is fought in Romulan space between two squadrons of Coalition ships and remnants of four Romulan groups. The battle ends inconclusively when neither side has any combat-capable ships remaining. The battle marks the Coalition's last opportunity to organize a fleet strong enough to reach the Romulan homeworld. Still, it is considered a victory, because the Romulans lose more ships than the Coalition.[2]
  • 2 May/Sol 49 Libra (Mars)/Sol 209, Year 107 (Zubrin Calendar) (Mars): Chapter 23, part 1[3]
  • 3 May/Sol 50 Libra (Mars)/Sol 210 107 (ZC) (Mars): Chapter 23, part 2[3]
  • 5 May: Chapter 24[3]
  • 8 May/early Z'at Year of Shikahr 8771 (Vulcan): Chapter 25[3]
  • 10 May/7 ta'Krat 1184 YD'E (Romulus)/early Z'at YS 8771: Chapters 26-27[3]



  • RSD 1/0907.28 (28 July): The Romulans respond a second time, and insist on additional territorial gains for the Empire. In exchange, they are willing to accept tighter restrictions on Neutral Zone outposts. Dannon reluctantly makes many of the concessions, and the completed Treaty of Peace is ratified. The treaty is transmitted to the Romulan Star Empire once more.[2]
  • 29 July/15 et'Khior 1184 YD'E (Romulus): Chapters 28-30[3]
  • 30 July/early T'keKhuti YS 8771: Chapter 31[3]


  • 13 September/43 T'Ke'Tas 1184 YD'E (Romulus): Chapter 32[3]


  • RSD 1/0909 (8 November): The Romulan War ends inconclusively, after staggering losses on both sides. The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire broadcasts its ratification of the Treaty of Peace on all subspace radio frequencies. The message is picked up by Coalition starships along the border, and the terms of the treaty go into immediate effect. After nearly two decades of piratical attacks and declared hostilities, the Romulan War is finally over.[4][5][2][3] (Chapter 33)
  • RSD 1/0909.10 (9 November): The Romulan Neutral Zone, established by the Treaty of Peace, is now in effect. A period of withdrawal permitted by the treaty lasts until RSD 1/1207 (January 2166). All invading Coalition and Romulan forces begin retreating to their respective sides of the new boundary.[2]


  • RSD 1/0912: Realizing that they are technologically outclassed and outnumbered, the Romulans consolidate along the new Neutral Zone. They begin major construction of outposts to keep track of Coalition forces and keep them in check. Just homeward of these outposts, the Romulans are also building ships intended for future expansion into Coalition territory.[2]
  • RSD 1/0912.03 (3 December): The planet Mantiev, in the Triangle, is settled. The other three planets in the future Mantiev Colonial Association are settled within the next year. All have been founded by various groups from the Coalition. These are the only real efforts at colonizing the Triangle until RSD 1/40 (2197). It is their success that spurs the major wave of settlement decades later.[2]