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Reference Stardate 2/0900 through 2/0912
  • RSD 2/09: By luck, and some pressure on friends at high command, both Fayel R'Zaad and Joshua Scott, now junior grade Lieutenants, are assigned to the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Lafayette—R'Zaad as weapons officer, Scott as assistant engineering officer.[1]
  • RSD 2/09: BioResearch makes its first profit on an assassination contract with the People's Freedom Army, establishing a permanent arrangement with them.[1]


  • RSD 2/0803 - 2/0903: Season 2 of Star Trek occurs.[2]


  • RSD 2/0902: The Babel Conference on the Coridan question is settled by the inspired oratory of Sarek of Vulcan. Coridan is made a Federation protectorate, despite a failed attempt by the Orions to disrupt the conference.[3][2][4] The Botchok Planetary Congress denies any involvement in the scheme, the blame for which is placed on Orions seeking to protect their illegal mining interests on Coridan. Implicated in the sabotage, three Orion corporations go bankrupt, starting the Great Crash of 09. Orion trade interests are weakened in the Triangle and the Neutral Zone.[5]
  • RSD 2/0902: In an attempt to stop the seemingly endless and inconclusive battles between the two powers, the first Romulan/Klingon non-aggression and technological exchange treaties are signed at Villam III, near the Triangle. Afraid of the apparent growing military might of the United Federation of Planets, the Romulans and Klingons decide to concentrate on this common enemy. The Romulans, currently ahead in territory, give up many disputed planets as well as the plans for an older-model cloaking device and the plasma torpedo. In return, the Klingons provide a number of older D-7 class starships equipped with Klingon weapons and engines.[6]
  • RSD 2/0902: The Nelson class scout U.S.S. Menke, operating along the rimward frontier, is listed as missing after failing to make a scheduled report. The Nelson class scout U.S.S. Stuart conducts a two-month-long search without success.[7]


  • RSD 2/0903 - 2/1003: Season 3 of Star Trek occurs.[2]


  • RSD 2/0904: A convoy of six Cochrane class colonial transports is listed as missing after failing to arrive at its destination of New Deimos. Some believe the Gorn Alliance may have been responsible, but no evidence supports this allegation.[7]


  • RSD 2/0906: Lieutenant Commander Willard Decker, a helmsman and weapons officer, receives a short-term shore assignment on Delta IV.[7]
  • RSD 2/0906: The Organians decide to discover whether or not Humans and Klingons can live and work together over long periods of time. Sheridan's World is selected as the site of an experimental colony composed of both Humans and Klingons. Should the project succeed, the Organians will consider lifting many of the restrictions to developing other worlds in the region. About 200 colonists from the Federation and the Klingon Empire arrive at Sheridan's World under the direction of the Organians. Thadeus MacDonald and Kexor are appointed the colony's co-directors.[8][7]


  • RSD 2/0911: Deep-cover agents within the Klingon Empire report that the Klingons and the Romulans have been settling their border disputes and likely have sealed cease-fire agreements with exchanges of military technology. In the resulting, almost immediate, shakeup in Star Fleet Intelligence, the entire staff of the Bureau of Romulan Affairs is fired and replaced. Council members favoring a stronger stand against the Romulans feel they have a mandate because of the strength of public opinion, and they draft top-secret resolutions commissioning Operation Purloin.[9]
  • RSD 2/0911: The Vulcan Science Academy sends a report on psionic contact with a new race of beings, the Tholians, to the Bureau of Scientific Investigation, where it is forgotten.[7]
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