Klinzhai system

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System Data

Name of Primary K'lai Klinzhai (Klinzhai's Star)[1]
Number of Class M Worlds 1 (originally 2)[1]
Dominant Species Klingons[2]
Klinzhai system (FASA WoF)

Little is known to the Federation about the home system of Klinzhai, the homeworld of the Klingons; even its precise location is unknown.[2]

Klinzhai's Star, or K'lai Klinzhai in the original Klingon Language,[1] is brighter and hotter than Sol, perhaps an F7 or F8 spectral class. Klinzhai's orbital distance is longer than that of Earth, making its star an intense pinpoint of light, capable of causing blindness if looked at even briefly. However, Klinzhai is almost totally shrouded in clouds, and thus the sun is rarely visible directly.[2]