Number One (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: Una
Number One
Number One (RSD 2/9608) (TOS 00)
Number One (RSD 2/9608) (TOS 00)
Species Human
Sex Female
Portrayed by Barrett, Majel (as M. Leigh Hudec)

A Lieutenant Commander, Number One served as helmsman and first officer under Captain Christopher Pike.[1] On Reference Stardate 2/9608,[2] Number One and Yeoman Colt were captured by the Talosians, who wanted Pike to select a mate in order to produce a colony of Humans to repopulate their world. A spiteful Vina said "they’d have more luck crossing [Pike] with a computer." The Talosians, however, believed that her "superior mind would produce highly intelligent children," observing that "although she seems to lack emotion, this is largely a pretense. She often has fantasies involving [Pike]."[1]

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