U.S.S. Accommodator NCC-26256

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Miranda class[1]

The Federation Starship Accommodator, a Miranda class vessel, was commissioned in February 2276. In January 2281, the Accommodator returned from a three-year mission into the spinward frontier. Most crewmembers were given leave while the ship was to undergo scheduled maintenance. During the maintenance checks, the Accommodator was found to need parts that were not readily available and was therefore removed from its moorings inside the drydock and placed in an exterior mooring. Several weeks later, in February, the U.S.S. John B. Goodings, a Liberty class freighter, lost its directional maneuvering control system and rammed the Accommodator, causing extreme internal damage and fires that could not be controlled for several days. The collision completely destroyed the damage control system of the Accommodator, and all surviving crewmembers were evacuated. The burning hulk was then towed away from the repair facility and allowed to burn itself out. When the ship was finally boarded by a damage control team, it was found to be totally unserviceable, and the vessel was scrapped.[2]

Although the "Federation Ship Recognition Manual"[2] listed the Accommodator as Reliant class, the class name was later established on film and in other media as Miranda class.


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