I, Mudd (Episode)

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I, Mudd
"I, Mudd" (TOS 41)

"I, Mudd" (TOS 41)
Series Star Trek
Season 2
Episode 8
Production Number 41
Release Date 3 Nov 1967

Stardate 4513.3: A takeover leads Kirk to his old nemesis, Harry Mudd.

An extraordinary Enterprise crewmember, Norman, locks the starship on course for an unknown planet — and then reveals himself as an android. Arriving at their destination, Kirk and crew discover an entire race of extremely sophisticated androids, and their apparent leader: Harry Mudd, who crash-landed on their world after escaping from the scene of his most recent crime. The androids desire to protect mankind from its own destructive impulses by occupying and controlling the galaxy. The seizure of the Enterprise is their first step toward this goal. Mudd plans to be their emperor, but the androids, recognizing him as a severely flawed example of humanity, decide to strand him with the Enterprise crew after they leave in the starship. Mudd aids Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scott, and Chekov in defeating the androids, using illogical behavior to give their controller — Norman — an electronic nervous breakdown.

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