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Title Series Stardate Release Date
"Star Trek" TOS Various Jan 1967
"Star Trek 2" TOS Various Feb 1968
"Star Trek 3" TOS Various Apr 1969
"Spock Must Die!" TOS 4011.9 Feb 1970
"Star Trek 4" TOS Various Apr 1971
"Star Trek 5" TOS Various Feb 1972
"Star Trek 6" TOS Various Apr 1972
"Star Trek 7" TOS Various Jul 1972
"Star Trek 8" TOS Various Nov 1972
"Star Trek 9" TOS Various Aug 1973
"Star Trek 10" TOS Various Feb 1974
"Star Trek Log One" TOS Various Jun 1974
"Star Trek Log Two" TOS Various Sep 1974
"Star Trek Log Three" TOS Various Jan 1975
"Star Trek Log Four" TOS Various Mar 1975
"Star Trek 11" TOS Various Apr 1975
"Star Trek Log Five" TOS Various Aug 1975
"The New Voyages" TOS Various Mar 1976
"Star Trek Log Six" TOS Various Mar 1976
"Star Trek Log Seven" TOS Various Jun 1976
"Star Trek Log Eight" TOS Various Aug 1976
"Spock, Messiah!" TOS 6720.8 Sep 1976
"Star Trek Log Nine" TOS Various Feb 1977
"The Price of the Phoenix" TOS Unknown Jul 1977
"Planet of Judgment" TOS 6132.8 Aug 1977
"Star Trek 12" TOS Various Nov 1977
"The New Voyages 2" TOS Various Jan 1978
"Star Trek Log Ten" TOS Various Jan 1978
"Mudd's Angels" TOS Various May 1978
"Vulcan!" TOS 6451.3 Sep 1978
"The Starless World" TOS 6527.5 Nov 1978
"Trek to Madworld" TOS 6188.4 Jan 1979
"World Without End" TOS 7502.9 Feb 1979
"The Fate of the Phoenix" TOS 9722.4 May 1979
"Devil World" TOS 4231.2 Nov 1979
"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" TOS 7410.2 Dec 1979
"Perry's Planet" TOS 6827.3 Feb 1980
"The Galactic Whirlpool" TOS 4496.1 Oct 1980
"Death's Angel" TOS 6914.6 Apr 1981
"The Entropy Effect" TOS 5001.1 Jun 1981
"The Klingon Gambit" TOS 4720.1 Oct 1981
"The Covenant of the Crown" TOS 7815.3 Dec 1981
"The Prometheus Design" TOS Unknown Mar 1982
"The Abode of Life" TOS 5064.4 May 1982
"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" TOS 8121.8 Jul 1982
"Star Trek II Short Stories" TOS Various Dec 1982
"Black Fire" TOS 6101.1 Jan 1983
"Triangle" TOS Unknown Mar 1983
"Web of the Romulans" TOS 3125.3 Jun 1983
"Yesterday's Son" TOS 6324.09 Aug 1983
"Mutiny on the Enterprise" TOS 4769.1 Oct 1983
"The Wounded Sky" TOS 9250.0 Dec 1983
"The Trellisane Confrontation" TOS 7521.6 Feb 1984
"Corona" TOS 4380.4 Apr 1984
"The Final Reflection" TOS 8405.15 May 1984
"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" TOS 8210.3 Jun 1984
"Star Trek III Short Stories" TOS Various Jun 1984
"Rihannsu, Book One: My Enemy, My Ally" TOS Unknown Jul 1984
"The Tears of the Singers" TOS 3126.7 Sep 1984
"The Vulcan Academy Murders" TOS Unknown Nov 1984
"Uhura's Song" TOS 2950.3 Jan 1985
"Shadow Lord" TOS 1831.5 Mar 1985
"Ishmael" TOS Unknown May 1985
"Killing Time" TOS Unknown Jul 1985
"Dwellers in the Crucible" TOS Unknown Sep 1985
"Pawns and Symbols" TOS 5960.2 Nov 1985
"Mindshadow" TOS 7003.4 Jan 1986
"Crisis on Centaurus" TOS 7513.2 Mar 1986
"Fortunes of War, Book I: Dreadnought!" TOS 7881.2 May 1986
"Demons" TOS Unknown Jul 1986
"Enterprise: The First Adventure" TOS Unknown Sep 1986
"Fortunes of War, Book II: Battlestations!" TOS 3301.1 Nov 1986
"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" TOS 8390.0 Dec 1986
"Chain of Attack" TOS Unknown Feb 1987
"Deep Domain" TOS 7823.6 Apr 1987
"Dreams of the Raven" TOS Jun 1987
"Strangers From the Sky" TOS 8083.6 Jul 1987
"Rihannsu, Book Two: The Romulan Way" TOS Unknown Aug 1987
"Encounter at Farpoint" TNG 41153.7 Oct 1987
"How Much for Just the Planet?" TOS Unknown Oct 1987
"Bloodthirst" TOS Unknown Dec 1986
"The Final Frontier" TOS Unknown Jan 1988
"The IDIC Epidemic" TOS Unknown Feb 1988
"Time for Yesterday" TOS Unknown Apr 1988
"Timetrap" TOS Unknown Jun 1988
"Ghost Ship" TNG Unknown Jul 1988
"The Three-Minute Universe" TOS Unknown Aug 1988
"Spock's World" TOS 7412.1 Sep 1988
"The Peacekeepers" TNG Unknown Sep 1988
"Memory Prime" TOS Unknown Oct 1988
"The Children of Hamlin" TNG Unknown Nov 1988
"The Final Nexus" TOS Unknown Dec 1988
"Survivors" TNG Unknown Jan 1989
"Vulcan's Glory" TOS Unknown Feb 1989
"Strike Zone" TNG Unknown Mar 1989
"Double, Double" TOS 4925.2 Apr 1989
"Power Hungry" TNG 42422.5 May 1989
"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" TOS 8454.1 Jun 1989
"Masks" TNG Unknown Jul 1989
"The Captain's Honor" TNG 41800.9 Sep 1989
"The Cry of the Onlies" TOS 6118.2 Oct 1989
"The Lost Years" TOS Unknown Oct 1989
"A Call to Darkness" TNG 42908.6 Nov 1989
"The Kobayashi Maru" TOS Unknown Dec 1989
"A Rock and a Hard Place" TNG Unknown Jan 1990
"Rules of Engagement" TOS 7818.1 Feb 1990
"Metamorphosis" TNG 42528.6 Mar 1990
"The Pandora Principle" TOS Unknown Apr 1990
"Gulliver's Fugitives" TNG Unknown May 1990
"Doctor's Orders" TOS Unknown Jun 1990
"Doomsday World" TNG 43197.5 Jul 1990
"Prime Directive" TOS 4842.6 Sep 1990
"The Eyes of the Beholders" TNG Unknown Sep 1990
"Enemy Unseen" TOS 8036.2 Oct 1990
"Exiles" TNG 43429.1 Nov 1990
"Home is the Hunter" TOS Unknown Dec 1990
"Fortune's Light" TNG Unknown Jan 1991
"Ghost Walker" TOS Unknown Feb 1991
"Contamination" TNG 43951.6 Mar 1991
"A Flag Full of Stars" TOS Unknown Apr 1991
"Vendetta" TNG Unknown May 1991
"Renegade" TOS Unknown Jun 1991
"Boogeymen" TNG 43747.3 Jul 1991
"Legacy" TOS 5258.7 Aug 1991
"Q-in-Law" TNG Unknown Oct 1991
"Reunion" TNG Unknown Nov 1991
"The Rift" TOS Unknown Nov 1991
"Unification" TNG 45233.1 Nov 1991
"Perchance to Dream" TNG 44295.7 Dec 1991
"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" TOS 9522.6 Jan 1992
"Spartacus" TNG Unknown Feb 1992
"Faces of Fire" TOS 3998.6 Mar 1992
"Probe" TOS 8475.3 Apr 1992
"Chains of Command" TNG Unknown Apr 1992
"The Disinherited" TOS Unknown May 1992
"Imbalance" TNG 44839.2 Jun 1992
"Ice Trap" TOS Unknown Jul 1992
"Imzadi" TNG Unknown Aug 1992
"Sanctuary" TOS Unknown Sep 1992
"War Drums" TNG Unknown Oct 1992
"Best Destiny" TOS Unknown Nov 1992
"Death Count" TOS Unknown Nov 1992
"Relics" TNG 46125.3 Nov 1992
"Nightshade" TNG Unknown Dec 1992
"Shell Game" TOS Unknown Feb 1993
"Emissary" DS9 46379.1 Feb 1993
"Grounded" TNG 45923.4 Mar 1993
"The Devil's Heart" TNG 45873.3 Apr 1993
"The Starship Trap" TOS Unknown Apr 1993
"The Siege" DS9 Unknown May 1993
"The Romulan Prize" TNG Unknown May 1993
"Windows on a Lost World" TOS 5419.4 Jun 1993
"Bloodletter" DS9 Unknown Aug 1993
"Shadows on the Sun" TOS 9582.1 Aug 1993
"Worf's First Adventure" SFA Unknown Aug 1993
"From the Depths" TOS Unknown Aug 1993
"Guises of the Mind" TNG 46401.9 Sep 1993
"The Great Starship Race" TOS 3223.1 Oct 1993
"Line of Fire" SFA Unknown Oct 1993
"Descent" TNG 46982.1 Oct 1993
"The Big Game" DS9 Unknown Nov 1993
"Dark Mirror" TNG 44410.2 Dec 1993
"Survival" SFA Unknown Dec 1993
"Here There Be Dragons" TNG Unknown Dec 1993
"Firestorm" TOS Unknown Jan 1994
"Fallen Heroes" DS9 47237.8 Feb 1994
"The Star Ghost" DS9 Unknown Feb 1994
"Sarek" TOS 9544.6 Mar 1994
"Sins of Commission" TNG Unknown Mar 1994
"Stowaways" DS9 Unknown Apr 1994
"The Patrian Transgression" TOS 6769.4 Apr 1994
"Betrayal" DS9 Unknown May 1994
"Debtors' Planet" TNG Unknown May 1994
"Q-Squared" TNG Unknown Jun 1994
"Capture the Flag" SFA Unknown Jun 1994
"Traitor Winds" TOS Unknown Jun 1994
"All Good Things..." TNG 47988 Jun 1994
"Atlantis Station" SFA Unknown Aug 1994
"Foreign Foes" TNG 46921.3 Aug 1994
"Warchild" DS9 Unknown Sep 1994
"Crossroad" TOS 6251.1 Sep 1994
"The Search" DS9 48212.4 Oct 1994
"Prisoners of Peace" DS9 Unknown Oct 1994
"Requiem" TNG 46931.2 Oct 1994
"Antimatter" DS9 Unknown Nov 1994
"Federation" TOS / TNG 3849.8 / 43920.6 Nov 1994
"The Pet" DS9 Unknown Dec 1994
"The Better Man" TOS 7591.4 Dec 1994
"Star Trek: Generations" TNG 48632.4 Dec 1994
"Balance of Power" TNG Unknown Jan 1995
"Proud Helios" DS9 Unknown Feb 1995
"Mystery of the Missing Crew" SFA Unknown Feb 1995
"Caretaker" VOY 48315.6 Feb 1995
"Warped" DS9 Unknown Mar 1995
"Blaze of Glory" TNG Unknown Mar 1994
"Recovery" TOS Unknown Mar 1995
"Valhalla" DS9 Unknown Apr 1995
"Secret of the Lizard People" SFA Unknown Apr 1995
"The Romulan Stratagem" TNG 46892.6 May 1995
"The Escape" VOY Unknown May 1995
"Devil in the Sky" DS9 47384.1 Jun 1995
"Arcade" DS9 Unknown Jun 1995
"The Ashes of Eden" TOS Unknown Jun 1995
"Into the Nebula" TNG Unknown Jun 1995
"The Fearful Summons" TOS 9621.8 Jul 1995
"Ragnarok" VOY Unknown Jul 1995
"Field Trip" DS9 Unknown Aug 1995
"First Frontier" TOS Unknown Aug 1995
"The Laertian Gamble" DS9 Unknown Sep 1995
"Violations" VOY Unknown Sep 1995
"The Way of the Warrior" DS9 49011.4 Oct 1995
"Starfall" SFA Unknown Oct 1995
"The Last Stand" TNG 45523.6 Oct 1995
"Station Rage" DS9 Unknown Nov 1995
"Incident at Arbuk" VOY 48531.6 Nov 1995
"Crossover" TNG Unknown Dec 1995
"Nova Command" SFA Unknown Dec 1995
"The Captain's Daughter" TOS Unknown Dec 1995
"Dragon's Honor" TNG 47616.2 Jan 1996
"Twilight's End" TOS Unknown Jan 1996
"The Long Night" DS9 Unknown Feb 1996
"Gypsy World" DS9 Unknown Feb 1996
"The Murdered Sun" VOY 48897.1 Feb 1996
"Rogue Saucer" TNG Unknown Mar 1996
"The Return" TOS Unknown Jan 1994
"Loyalties" SFA Unknown Apr 1996
"Ghost of a Chance" VOY Unknown Apr 1996
"Possession" TNG Unknown May 1996
"The Rings of Tautee" TOS 3871.6 May 1996
"Klingon" KE / TNG / DS9 Unknown May 1996
"Objective: Bajor" DS9 Unknown Jun 1996
"Highest Score" DS9 Unknown Jan 1994
"Cybersong" VOY Unknown Jun 1996
"Kahless" TNG Unknown Jul 1996
"Invasion! Book One: First Strike" TOS Unknown Jul 1996
"Invasion! Book Two: The Soldiers of Fear" TNG Unknown Jul 1996
"Invasion! Book Three: Time's Enemy" DS9 Unknown Aug 1996
"Invasion! Book Four: The Final Fury" VOY Unknown Aug 1996
"Crisis on Vulcan" SFA Unknown Aug 1996
"Aftershock" SFA Unknown Sep 1996
"Infiltrator" TNG 47358.1 Sep 1996
"The Joy Machine" TOS Unknown Sep 1996
"The Heart of the Warrior" DS9 Unknown Oct 1996
"Mosaic" VOY Unknown Oct 1996
"Cadet Kirk" SFA Unknown Oct 1996
"Flashback" VOY 50126.4 Oct 1996
"Saratoga" DS9 Unknown Nov 1996
"A Fury Scorned" TNG 46300.6 Nov 1996
"Crossfire" SFA Unknown Dec 1996
"Star Trek: First Contact" TNG 50893.5 Dec 1996
"Bless the Beasts" VOY Unknown Dec 1996
"The Death of Princes" TNG Unknown Jan 1997
"Mudd in Your Eye" TOS Unknown Jan 1997
"The Tempest" DS9 Unknown Feb 1997
"Cardassian Imps" DS9 Unknown Feb 1997
"The Garden" VOY Unknown Feb 1997
"Chrysalis" VOY Unknown Mar 1997
"Breakaway" SFA Unknown Apr 1997
"Intellivore" TNG 48022.5 Apr 1997
"The Wrath of the Prophets" DS9 Unknown May 1997
"Avenger" TOS Unknown May 1997
"The Black Shore" VOY 49175.0 May 1997
"Space Camp" DS9 Unknown Jun 1997
"Mind Meld" TOS Unknown Jun 1997
"Starfleet Academy" SFA Unknown Jun 1997
"House of Cards" NF Unknown Jul 1997
"Into the Void" NF 50923.1 Jul 1997
"Vulcan's Forge" TOS 9814.3 Aug 1997
"The Two-Front War" NF 50926.1 Aug 1997
"End Game" NF 50927.2 Aug 1997
"Legends of the Ferengi" DS9 Unknown Aug 1997
"Lifeline" SFA Unknown Aug 1997
"Day of Honor, Book One: Ancient Blood" TNG Unknown Sep 1997
"Day of Honor, Book Two: Armageddon Sky" DS9 Unknown Sep 1997
"The Chance Factor" SFA Unknown Sep 1997
"Day of Honor, Book Three: Her Klingon Soul" VOY 49588.4 Oct 1997
"Day of Honor, Book Four: Treaty's Law" TOS 3629 Oct 1997
"Day of Honor: Honor Bound" DS9 Unknown Oct 1997
"Ship of the Line" TNG Unknown Oct 1997
"Quarantine" SFA Unknown Oct 1997
"Trial By Error" DS9 Unknown Nov 1997
"Heart of the Sun" TOS Unknown Nov 1997
"Day of Honor: The Television Episode" VOY Unknown Nov 1997
"The Haunted Starship" SFA Unknown Dec 1997
"To Storm Heaven" TNG Unknown Dec 1997
"Marooned" VOY 50573.2 Dec 1997
"Assignment: Eternity" TOS 6021.4 Jan 1998
"Echoes" VOY Unknown Jan 1998
"Vengeance" DS9 Unknown Feb 1998
"Trapped in Time" DS9 Unknown Feb 1998
"The Best and the Brightest" TNG Unknown Feb 1998
"Martyr" NF Unknown Mar 1998
"Far Beyond the Stars" DS9 Unknown Apr 1998
"Fire on High" NF Unknown Apr 1998
"Deceptions" SFA Unknown Apr 1998
"Planet X" TNG Unknown May 1998
"Spectre" TOS Unknown May 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book One: War Dragons" TOS Unknown Jun 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Two: Dujonian's Hoard" TNG Unknown Jun 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Three: The Mist" DS9 Unknown Jul 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Four: Fire Ship" VOY Unknown Jul 1998
"Strange New Worlds" Various Various Jul 1998
"Pathways" VOY Unknown Aug 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book One: Q-Space" TNG 51604.2 Aug 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book Two: Q-Zone" TNG Unknown Aug 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book Three: Q-Strike" TNG Unknown Sep 1998
"Seven of Nine" VOY Unknown Sep 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Five: Once Burned" NF Unknown Oct 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Six: Where Sea Meets Sky" TOS Unknown Oct 1998
"Triangle: Imzadi II" TNG Unknown Oct 1998
"The Dominion War, Book One: Behind Enemy Lines" TNG Unknown Nov 1998
"The Dominion War, Book Two: Call to Arms..." DS9 51145.3 Nov 1998
"Star Trek: Insurrection" TNG Unknown Dec 1998
"The Dominion War, Book Three: Tunnel Through the Stars" TNG Unknown Dec 1998
"The Dominion War, Book Four: ...Sacrifice of Angels" DS9 51173.2 Dec 1998
"The 34th Rule" DS9 Unknown Jan 1999
"My Brother's Keeper, Book One: Republic" TOS 1313.8 Jan 1999
"My Brother's Keeper, Book Two: Constitution" TOS 1313.8 Jan 1999
"My Brother's Keeper, Book Three: Enterprise" TOS 1313.8 Jan 1999
"Rebels, Book One: The Conquered" DS9 Unknown Feb 1999
"Rebels, Book Two: The Courageous" DS9 Unknown Feb 1999
"Rebels, Book Three: The Liberated" DS9 Unknown Feb 1999
"Death of a Neutron Star" VOY Unknown Mar 1999
"Dark Victory" TOS Unknown Apr 1999
"Dyson Sphere" TNG 47321.6 Apr 1999
"Strange New Worlds II" ALL Various May 1999
"Battle Lines" VOY Unknown May 1999
"What You Leave Behind" DS9 Unknown Jun 1999
"Double Helix, Book One: Infection" TNG Unknown Jun 1999
"Double Helix, Book Two: Vectors" TNG Unknown Jun 1999
"Vulcan's Heart" TOS 21012.1 Jul 1999
"Double Helix, Book Three: Red Sector" TNG Unknown Jul 1999
"Double Helix, Book Four: Quarantine" TNG Unknown Jul 1999
"Starfleet: Year One" MISC 2161 Aug 1999
"Double Helix, Book Five: Double or Nothing" TNG Unknown Aug 1999
"Double Helix, Book Six: The First Virtue" TNG Unknown Aug 1999
"I, Q" TNG Unknown Sep 1999
"The Forgotten War" TNG Unknown Sep 1999
"Across the Universe" TOS Unknown Oct 1999
"Equinox" VOY Unknown Oct 1999
"The Quiet Place" NF Unknown Nov 1999
"Dark Allies" NF Unknown Nov 1999
"New Worlds, New Civilizations" MISC Various Nov 1999
"The Badlands, Book One" TOS / TNG 5650.1 / 45091.4 Dec 1999
"The Badlands, Book Two" VOY / DS9 48305.8 / 50502.4 Dec 1999
"The Lives of Dax" DS9 Various Dec 1999
"Gemworld, Book One" TNG Unknown Jan 2000
"Gemworld, Book Two" TNG Unknown Feb 2000
"Millennium, Book One: The Fall of Terok Nor" DS9 Unknown Mar 2000
"Millennium, Book Two: The War of the Prophets" DS9 Unknown Mar 2000
"The Valiant" TNG Unknown Apr 2000
"Millennium, Book Three: Inferno" DS9 51884.2 Apr 2000
"A Stitch in Time" DS9 Unknown May 2000
"Strange New Worlds III" ALL Various May 2000
"Enterprise Logs" MISC / TOS / TNG Various Jun 2000
"New Earth, Book One: Wagon Train to the Stars" TOS Unknown Jun 2000
"New Earth, Book Two: Belle Terre" TOS Unknown Jun 2000
"Preserver" TOS Unknown Jul 2000
"New Earth, Book Three: Rough Trails" TOS Unknown Jul 2000
"New Earth, Book Four: The Flaming Arrow" TOS Unknown Jul 2000
"The Belly of the Beast" SCE Unknown Aug 2000
"New Earth, Book Five: Thin Air" TOS Unknown Aug 2000
"New Earth, Book Six: Challenger" TOS Unknown Aug 2000
"The Genesis Wave, Book One" TNG Unknown Sep 2000
"Excalibur, Book One: Requiem" NF Unknown Sep 2000
"Excalibur, Book Two: Renaissance" NF Unknown Sep 2000
"Fatal Error" SCE Unknown Sep 2000
"Hard Crash" SCE Unknown Oct 2000
"Rihannsu, Book Three: Swordhunt" TOS Unknown Oct 2000
"Rihannsu, Book Four: Honor Blade" TOS Unknown Oct 2000
"Excalibur, Book Three: Restoration" NF Unknown Nov 2000
"Dark Matters, Book One: Cloak and Dagger" VOY Unknown Nov 2000
"Dark Matters, Book Two: Ghost Dance" VOY Unknown Nov 2000
"Dark Matters, Book Three: Shadow of Heaven" VOY Unknown Dec 2000
"Dark Passions, Book One" MU 46722.4 Jan 2001
"Dark Passions, Book Two" MU Unknown Jan 2001
"Tooth and Claw" TNG Unknown Feb 2001
"Diplomatic Implausibility" TNG Unknown Feb 2001
"Interphase, Book One" SCE Unknown Mar 2001
"Maximum Warp, Book One: Dead Zone" TNG Unknown Mar 2001
"Maximum Warp, Book Two: Forever Dark" TNG Unknown Mar 2001
"The Genesis Wave, Book Two" TNG Unknown Apr 2001
"Interphase, Book Two" SCE Unknown Apr 2001
"Avatar, Book One" DS9 53270.2 May 2001
"Avatar, Book Two" DS9 Unknown May 2001
"Strange New Worlds IV" ALL Various May 2001
"Section 31: Rogue" TNG 50368.0 Jun 2001
"Section 31: Shadow" VOY Unknown Jun 2001
"The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Book One" TOS 7004.1 Jul 2001
"Section 31: Cloak" TOS 5462.1 Jul 2001
"Section 31: Abyss" DS9 Unknown Jan 2000
"Cold Fusion" SCE 53291.5 Jul 2001
"Endgame" VOY 54968.4 Jan 2000
"Gateways, Book One: One Small Step" TOS Unknown Aug 2001
"Gateways, Book Two: Chainmail" MISC Unknown Aug 2001
"Invincible, Book One" SCE 53270.2 Aug 2001
"Gateways, Book Three: Doors into Chaos" TNG Unknown Sep 2001
"Gateways, Book Four: Demons of Air and Darkness" DS9 Unknown Sep 2001
"Invincible, Two" SCE 53291.5 Sep 2001
"Broken Bow" ENT 16 Apr 2151 Oct 2001
"Gateways, Book Five: No Man's Land" VOY Unknown Oct 2001
"Gateways, Book Six: Cold Wars" NF Unknown Oct 2001
"The Riddled Post" SCE Unknown Oct 2001
"Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond" TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY / NF / MISC Various Nov 2001
"Being Human" NF Unknown Nov 2001
"Gateways Epiologue: Here There Be Monsters" SCE Unknown Nov 2001
"Ambush" SCE Unknown Dec 2001
"By the Book" ENT May 2151 Jan 2002
"The Genesis Wave, Book Three" TNG Unknown Jan 2002
"Some Assembly Required" SCE Unknown Jan 2002
"In the Name of Honor" TOS 8461.7 Jan 2002
"No Surrender" SCE Unknown Feb 2002
"Immortal Coil" TNG 51505.9 Feb 2002
"Caveat Emptor" SCE Unknown Mar 2002
"A Hard Rain" TNG Unknown Mar 2002
"The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Book Two" TOS 7004.1 Apr 2002
"Past Life" SCE Unknown Apr 2002
"The Battle of Betazed" TNG Unknown Apr 2002
"Oaths" SCE 53661.9 Apr 2002
"Gauntlet" SGZ Unknown May 2002
"Progenitor" SGZ Unknown May 2002
"Strange New Worlds V" ALL Various May 2002
"The Janus Gate, Book One: Present Tense" TOS Unknown Jun 2002
"The Janus Gate, Book Two: Future Imperfect" TOS Unknown Jun 2002
"Foundations, Book One" SCE 53675.1 Jun 2002
"Errand of Vengeance, Book One: The Edge of the Sword" TOS Unknown Jul 2002
"The Last Roundup" TOS Unknown Jul 2002
"The Janus Gate, Book Three: Past Prologue" TOS Unknown Jul 2002
"Foundations, Book Two" SCE Jul 2002
"The Amazing Stories" Various Various Aug 2002
"Errand of Vengeance, Book Two: Killing Blow" TOS Unknown Aug 2002
"Errand of Vengeance, Book Three: River of Blood" TOS Unknown Aug 2002
"Foundations, Book Three" SCE 53684.7 Aug 2002
"Mission: Gamma, Book One: Twilight" DS9 Unknown Sep 2002
"Mission: Gamma, Book Two: This Gray Spirit" DS9 53471.3 Sep 2002
"Enigma Ship" SCE Unknown Aug 2002
"Mission: Gamma, Book Three: Cathedral" DS9 53574.3 Oct 2002
"Shockwave" ENT Unknown Oct 2002
"Captain's Peril" TOS 55595.4 Oct 2002
"War Stories, Book One" SCE 53675.1 Oct 2002
"Mission: Gamma, Book Four: Lesser Evil" DS9 Unknown Nov 2002
"What Price Honor?" ENT 31 Dec 2151 Nov 2002
"War Stories, Book Two" SCE 53678.9 Nov 2001
"The Nanotech War" VOY Unknown Nov 2002
"The Brave and the Bold, Book One" ENT / TOS / TNG Various Dec 2002
"The Brave and the Bold, Book Two" DS9 / VOY / KE Various Dec 2002
"Wildfire, Book One" SCE Unknown Dec 2002
"Star Trek: Nemesis" TNG 56844.9 Dec 2002
"Rising Son" DS9 53267.5 Jan 2003
"Wildfire, Book Two" SCE 53781.1 Jan 2003
"Home Fires" SCE 53704.8 Feb 2003
"Gemini" TOS 3375.3 Feb 2003
"Surak's Soul" ENT Aug 2152 Mar 2003
"Age of Unreason" SCE Unknown Mar 2003
"Garth of Izar" TOS Unknown Mar 2003
"The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One" DS9 Unknown Apr 2003
"Balance of Nature" SCE Unknown Apr 2003
"The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two" DS9 Unknown May 2003
"Breakdowns" SCE Unknown May 2003
"Aftermath" SCE Unknown Jun 2003
"Strange New Worlds VI" Various Various Jun 2003
"Homecoming" VOY Unknown Jun 2003
"Genesis Force" TNG Unknown Jul 2003
"Ishtar Rising, Book One" SCE 53798.2 Jul 2003
"Do Comets Dream?" TNG Unknown Jul 2003
"The Farther Shore" VOY Unknown Jul 2003
"Ishtar Rising, Book Two" SCE Aug 2003
"Three" SGZ Unknown Aug 2003
"The Sundered" TLE Unknown Aug 2003
"Prophecy and Change" DS9 Various Sep 2003
"Buying Time" SCE Unknown Sep 2003
"Oblivion" SGZ Unknown Sep 2003
"Serpents Among the Ruins" TLE Unknown Sep 2003
"The Expanse" ENT 24 Apr 2153 Oct 2003
"Gods Above" NF Unknown Oct 2003
"Stone and Anvil" NF Unknown Oct 2003
"No Limits" NF Various Oct 2003
"Collective Hindsight" SCE 53851.3 Oct 2003
"The Art of the Impossible" TLE Unknown Oct 2003
"Unity" DS9 Unknown Nov 2003
"A Good Day to Die" KE Unknown Nov 2003
"Collective Hindsight, Book Two" SCE Nov 2003
"Well of Souls" TLE Unknown Nov 2003
"Daedalus" ENT Mar 2153 Dec 2003
"Captain's Blood" TOS 57465.6 Dec 2003
"Honor Bound" KE Unknown Dec 2003
"The Demon, Book One" SCE Unknown Dec 2003
"Deny Thy Father" TLE Unknown Dec 2003
"The Demon, Book Two" SCE Unknown Jan 2004
"Catalyst of Sorrows" TLE Unknown Jan 2004
"The Case of the Colonist's Corpse: A Sam Cogley Mystery" TOS 4521.7 Jan 2004
"Ring Around the Sky" SCE Unknown Feb 2004
"A Time to Be Born" TNG Unknown Feb 2004
"Orphans" SCE Unknown Mar 2004
"A Time to Die" TNG Unknown Mar 2004
"Grand Designs" SCE Unknown Apr 2004
"A Time to Sow" TNG Unknown Apr 2004
"Daedalus's Children" ENT Mar 2153 May 2004
"Failsafe" SCE Unknown May 2004
"A Time to Harvest" TNG Unknown May 2004
"Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume One: Cardassia / Andor" DS9 Various Jun 2004
"Bitter Medicine" SCE 54101.9 Jun 2004
"Strange New Worlds VII" ALL Various Jun 2004
"A Time to Love" TNG Unknown Jun 2004
"Vulcan's Soul, Book One: Exodus" TOS Unknown Jul 2004
"Sargasso Sector" SCE Unknown Jul 2004
"A Time to Hate" TNG Unknown Jul 2004
"Paradise Interrupted" SCE Unknown Aug 2004
"Enigma" SGZ Unknown Aug 2004
"Tales of the Dominion War" DS9 Various Aug 2004
"A Time to Kill" TNG Unknown Aug 2004
"Where Time Stands Still" SCE 54200.9 Sep 2004
"Maker" SGZ Unknown Sep 2004
"A Time to Heal" TNG Unknown Sep 2004
"The Art of the Deal" SCE 54153.6 Oct 2004
"A Time for War, a Time for Peace" TNG Unknown Oct 2004
"After the Fall" NF Unknown Nov 2004
"Spin" SCE Unknown Nov 2004
"Spirit Walk, Book One: Old Wounds" VOY Unknown Nov 2004
"Creative Couplings, Book One" SCE Unknown Dec 2004
"Spirit Walk, Book Two: Enemy of My Enemy" VOY Unknown Dec 2004
"To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh" TOS 8415.9 Jan 2005
"Creative Couplings, Book Two" SCE Unknown Jan 2005
"Ex Machina" TOS 7435.5 Jan 2005
"Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Two: Trill / Bajor" DS9 Various Feb 2005
"Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Three: Ferenginar / The Dominion" DS9 Various Feb 2005
"Small World" SCE Unknown Feb 2005
"Enemy Territory" KE Unknown Mar 2005
"Malefictorum" SCE Unknown Mar 2005
"Engines of Destiny" TOS Unknown Mar 2005
"Errand of Fury, Book One: Seeds of Rage" TOS Unknown Apr 2005
"Lost Time" SCE Unknown Apr 2005
"Taking Wing" TTN 56979.5 Apr 2005
"Hollow Men" DS9 Unknown May 2005
"Identity Crisis" SCE Unknown May 2005
"Articles of the Federation" MISC Unknown Jun 2005
"Fables of the Prime Directive" SCE Unknown Jun 2005
"Security" SCE Unknown Jul 2005
"Strange New Worlds 08" ALL Various Jul 2005
"Tales from the Captain's Table" MISC Various Jul 2005
"String Theory, Book One: Cohesion" VOY Unknown Jul 2005
"Wounds, Book One" SCE Unknown Aug 2005
"Harbinger" VAN Unknown Aug 2005
"Wounds, Book Two" SCE Unknown Sep 2005
"Death in Winter" TNG Unknown Sep 2005
"Out of the Cocoon" SCE Unknown Oct 2005
"The Red King" TTN 57024.0 Oct 2005
"Honor" SCE Unknown Nov 2005
"String Theory, Book Two: Fusion" VOY Unknown Nov 2005
"Distant Shores" VOY Various Nov 2005
"Rosetta" ENT Unknown Dec 2005
"Blackout" SCE Unknown Dec 2005
"The Cleanup" SCE Unknown Jan 2006
"Orion's Hounds" TTN 57137.8 Jan 2006
"Missing in Action" NF 56844.9 Feb 2006
"What's Past, Book One: Progress" SCE Unknown Feb 2006
"What's Past, Book Two: The Future Begins" SCE Unknown Mar 2003
"String Theory, Book Three: Evolution" VOY Unknown Mar 2006
"Warpath" DS9 Unknown Apr 2006
"What's Past, Book Three: Echoes of Coventry" SCE Unknown Apr 2006
"Summon the Thunder" VAN Unknown Apr 2006
"Last Full Measure" ENT Unknown May 2006
"What's Past, Book Four: Distant Early Warning" SCE 1256.9 May 2006
"Vulcan's Soul, Book Two: Exiles" TOS Unknown Jun 2006
"What's Past, Book Five: 10 is Better Than 01" SCE Unknown Jun 2006
"Captain's Glory" TOS Unknown Aug 2006
"Strange New Worlds 9" All Various Aug 2006
"Burning Dreams" TOS Unknown Aug 2006
"Constellations" TOS Various Sep 2006
"Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows" TOS Sep 2006
"Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose" TOS Dec 2006
"Rihannsu, Book Five: The Empty Chair" TOS Dec 2006
"Errand of Fury, Book Two: Demands of Honor" TOS Jan 2007
"Glass Empires" MU Various Feb 2007
"Crucible: Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering" TOS Mar 2007
"Obsidian Alliances" MU Various Mar 2007
"The Good That Men Do" ENT Mar 2007
"Vulcan's Soul, Book Three: Epiphany" TOS Apr 2007
"Reap the Whirlwind" VAN Jun 2007
"The Buried Age: A Tale of the Lost Era" TLE Jul 2007
"Resistance" TNG Sep 2007
"Academy: Collision Course" TOS Oct 2007
"Q & A" TNG Oct 2007
"The Sky's the Limit" TNG Oct 2007
"Before Dishonor" TNG Nov 2007
"Sword of Damocles" TTN Dec 2007
"Forged in Fire" EXC Jan 2008
"A Burning House" KE Feb 2008
"Terok Nor, Book I: Day of the Vipers" TLE Apr 2008
"Terok Nor, Book II: Night of the Wolves" TLE May 2008
"Terok Nor, Book III: Dawn of the Eagles" TLE Jun 2008
"Fearful Symmetry" DS9 Jul 2008
"Infinity's Prism" MyrU Various Jul 2008
"Greater Than the Sum" TNG Aug 20080
"Echoes and Refractions" MyrU Various Aug 2008
"Kobayashi Maru" ENT Sep 2009
"Gods of Night" Destiny Oct 2008
"Mere Mortals" Destiny Nov 2008
"Lost Souls" Destiny Dec 2008
"Errand of Fury, Book Three: Sacrifices of War" TOS Jan 2009
"Shards and Shadows" MU Various Jan 2009
"A Singular Destiny" Destiny Feb 2009
"Over a Torrent Sea" TTN Mar 2009
"Full Circle" VOY Apr 2009
"Treason" NF Apr 2009
"Open Secrets" VAN May 2009
"Star Trek" ST 2258.42 May 2009
"Troublesome Minds" TOS Jun 2009
"Losing the Peace" TNG Jul 2009
"The Soul Key" DS9 Aug 2009
"The Never Ending Sacrifice" DS9 Sep 2009
"Unworthy" VOY Sep 2009
"The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wings" ENT Oct 2009
"Synthesis" TTN Nov 2009
"Precipice" VAN Nov 2009
"The Sorrows of Empire" MU Jan 2010
"Inception" TOS Feb 2010
"The Needs of the Many" STO Mar 2010
"Seven Deadly Sins" MISC Various Apr 2010
"Blind Man's Bluff" NF Apr 2010
"Children of Kings" TOS Apr 2010
"Unspoken Truth" TOS May 2010
"Shattered Light" MyrU Aug 2010
"Zero Sum Game" TP Oct 2010
"The Delta Anomaly" ST Nov 2010
"Seize the Fire" TP Nov 2010
"The Edge" ST Dec 2010
"The Rough Beasts of Empire" TP Dec 2010
"Paths of Disharmony" TP Jan 2011
"Indistinguishable From Magic" TNG Mar 2011
"Watching the Clock" DTI Apr 2011
"Children of the Storm" VOY May 2011
"Gemini Agent, The" ST Jun 2011
"Declassified" VAN Jun 2011
"Cast No Shadow" TLE Jul 2011
"A Choice of Catastrophes" TOS Aug 2011
"Assassination Game" ST Sep 2011
"What Judgments Come" VAN Sep 2011
"The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm" ENT Oct 2011
"The Struggle Within" TP Oct 2011
"Rise Like Lions" MU Nov 2011
"The Rings of Time" TOS Jan 2012
"That Which Divides" TOS Feb 2012
"Storming Heaven" VAN Mar 2012
"Forgotten History" DTI Apr 2012
"Plagues of Night" TP May 2012
"Raise the Dawn" TP Jun 2012
"Fallen Gods" TTN Jul 2012
"The Eternal Tide" VOY Aug 2012
"Brinkmanship" TP Sep 2012
"Cold Equations, Book I: The Persistence of Memory" TNG Oct 2012
"In Tempest's Wake" VAN Oct 2012
"Cold Equations, Book II: Silent Weapons" TNG Nov 2012
"Cold Equations, Book III: The Body Electric" TNG Dec 2012
"Allegiance in Exile" TOS Jan 2013
"Devil's Bargain" TOS Feb 2013
"The Stuff of Dreams" TNG Mar 2013
"The Weight of Worlds" TOS Mar 2013
"The Folded World" TOS Apr 2013
"Star Trek: Into Darkness" ST May 2013
"Shocks of Adversity" TOS May 2013
"Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures" ENT Jun 2013
"From History's Shadow" TOS Jul 2013
"Revelations and Dust" TF Aug 2013