Star Trek 1 (Novel)

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Star Trek 1
"Star Trek 1"
"Star Trek 1"
Published January 1967
Written by James Blish

Charlie's Law

Adapted from the episode "Charlie X."
Story by Gene Roddenberry
Written by D.C. Fontana

Stardate 1533.6: A powerful teenage boy wreaks havoc aboard the Enterprise.

Dagger of the Mind

Adapted from the episode "Dagger of the Mind."
Written by S. Bar-David

2715.1: A new treatment for the criminally insane has deadly results.

The Unreal McCoy

Adapted from the episode "The Man Trap."
Written by George Clayton Johnson

Stardate 1531.1: A shape-shifting, salt-craving creature terrorizes the crew of the Enterprise.

Balance of Terror

Adapted from the episode "Balance of Terror."
Written by Paul Schneider

Stardate 1709.2: After attacking an outpost, Romulans battle the Enterprise.

The Naked Time

Adapted from the episode "The Naked Time."
Written by John D.F. Black

Stardate 1704.2: The Enterprise crew catches a virus that removes their inhibitions.


Adapted from the episode "Miri."
Written by Adrian Spies

Stardate 2713.5: A strange group of children is discovered on an Earth-like planet.

The Conscience of the King

Adapted from the episode "The Conscience of the King."
Written by Barry Trivers

Stardate 2817.6: Kirk suspects a Shakespearean actor is a mass murderer.

Related Data
Astrometrics Caran IV; Class M planet; Colony Alpha V; Comet Icarus IV; Earth; Earth (OS11); Earth Outposts 1-8; France; Ireland; M-113; Mars; Planet Q; Psi 2000; Remus; Romii; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulus; Saturn; Stockholm; Tantalus V; Tarsus IV; Thasus; Vulcan; Wrigley's Pleasure Planet
Cast & Crew Bar-David, S.; Black, John D.F.; Blish, James; Fontana, D.C.; Johnson, George Clayton; Roddenberry, Gene; Schneider, Paul; Spies, Adrian; Trivers, Barry
Chronology Stardate 1531.1-1513.8, 1533.6-1535.8, 1704.2-1705.0, 1709.2-1709.6, 2713.5-2717.3, 2715.1-2715.2, 2817.6; 1960s; 2156-2160; 2251; 2253; 2255; 2260; 2264; 2265 (23 November, 25 December); 2266
Culture bowling; bowling alley; bridegroom; chess, three-dimensional; Christmas; dance; dancing; fencing; Grups; "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen;" Irish; marriage; music; Onlies; Swahili; Thanksgiving; The Three Musketeers
Education archaeologist; botanist; doctor; school; teacher
Food alcohol; champagne; chili peppers; coffee; ice cream; meatloaf; milk; plums; salt; Saurian brandy; shish kebab; turkey; water
People Adams, Tristan; Barnhart; Berkeley; Brent; Carl; Centurion; Chapel, Christine; Chef; Crater, Nancy; Crater, Robert; D'Artagnon; Darnell; Decius; Dominguez, Jose; Dumas, Alexandre; Eli; Evans, Charlie; Farrell, John; Galloway; Grayson, Amanda; Green; Hadley; Hansen; Harrison; Jahn; Karidian, Anton; Karidian, Lenore; Kirk, James T.; Kodos; Laughing Crewman; Lawton, Tina; Leighton, Martha; Leighton, Thomas; Leslie; Lethe; Louise; M-113 creature; Martine, Angela; MatsonMcCoy, Leonard; Miri; Moody; Nellis, Tom; Noel, Helen; Ramart; Rand; Rand, Janice; Richelieu; Riley, Kevin; Romulan Commander; Ryan; Sam; Sarek; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Stiles, Andrew; Stiles family; Sturgeon; Sulu, Hikaru; Thasian; Tomlinson, Robert; Tormolen, Joe; Transporter technician; Uhura, Nyota; van Gelder, Simon
Politics governor; king; Praetor; queen; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan Star Empire; Romulan War; Space Central; Starfleet; Starfleet Ranks; UESPA; United Federation of Planets; Yeoman
Science & Technology alkaline poison; antimatter; archaeology; bacteria; baffle plate; biocomputer; biopsy; botany; cloaking device; communicator; computer; deflector; environment suit; foil; force field; gravity; hypnotism; hypospray; impulse drive; iron; knife; Life Prolongation Project; magnetism; medkit; microscope; mind meld; neural neutralizer; nitrogen; nuclear weapon; nucleic acids; phaser; phasers; physics; plague; plasma torpedo; police officer; pounds; psychiatry; psychotherapy; rapier; respirator; rodinium; schizophrenia; sensor; shields; sodium chloride; spectral analysis; subspace; subspace radio; sword; tetralubisol; time travel; tonsils; tranquilizer; transporter; tricorder; vaccines; viruses; warp drive; warp nacelle
Ships & Vehicles U.S.S. Antares NCC-501; Constitution class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701; Romulan Bird of Prey; Thasian ship; tricycle
Xenology Borgia plant; buffalo; chameleons; Humans; iguanas; M-113 creature; mice; nightshade; passenger pigeons; Romulans; roses; Thasians; turkeys; Vulcans
Miscellaneous Beauregard; Central Bureau of Penology; flowers; perfume; Red Alert; SOS; Vulcan lyre; Vulcan nerve pinch