Chronology: 2040s

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Reference Stardates 0/3200 - 0/4112




  • RSD 0/36: The Saratoga class cargo carrier enters service. With a crew of 18, Saratoga class vessels will remain in service until 2070.[1]


  • RSD 0/3605: New space-time research from the Wells series probe U.N.P. Drake find holes in the general theory of relativity, making faster-than-light communication and travel theoretically possible, though not yet a reality.[1][2][3]


  • RSD 0/40: Commercial interplanetary travel begins with the inaugural flight of Solar Spacelines.[1]
  • RSD 0/40: The Columbus class, boasting an advanced fusion drive, enters service as Earth's largest space-going vessels. With a crew of 40, the U.N.S.S. Icarus is one of the more notable ships of the class.[1]
  • RSD 0/40: The Magellan class space liner, with a capacity of 260 passengers and an advanced fission drive, enters service. The U.N.S.S. Prince of Wales, launched this year and commanded by Captain Lars Olmstead, is a notable example of the class, and remains in service for more than three decades.[1]