Daedalus class (STO)

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Myriad Universes: Daedalus class
Daedalus class
Daedalus class (STO)

Daedalus class (STO)
Retired 2196
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

The Daedalus class came into service in the 22nd century,[1] and was one of the first types of starships commissioned and operated under the auspices of the United Federation of Planets. The Daedalus class was also among the first to demonstrate the primary/secondary hull design that would become characteristic of Starfleet vessels.[2] Unlike most starships, the Daedalus had a spherical main hull.[3] The last ships of this class were—at least officially—taken out of service by the year 2196,[1] though many were brought back into service after the Federation-Klingon War and were still in service as late as 2270.[4] With strong shields and a powerful sensor suite, the Daedalus class was well-equipped for missions of research and exploration in the final frontier. The class was armed with two forward-facing and two aft-facing weapons emplacements.[5]

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