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Reference Stardate 2/0700 through 2/0712




Romulan Commander (TOS 08)
  • RSD 2/0710.21 (21 October): The vast buildup of Klingon military might, reported by Federation intelligence, has totally eclipsed all fear of the long-dormant "Romulan Problem." The complacency of Star Fleet Command and the Federation is shattered when a Romulan vessel, using a cloaking device to shield it from detection, destroys four Neutral Zone border outposts with a new, powerful plasma weapon. Pursued by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the Romulan ship is chased into the Neutral Zone before it can report. In the pursuit, the Enterprise taps into Romulan shipboard communications and picks up images from the Romulan bridge, revealing the Romulans to be Vulcanoid in appearance. After taking heavy damage from the Enterprise, the Romulan ship self-destructs.[7][8][4]



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