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Myriad Universes: Federation Council
Federation Council
FASA Timeline
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The Federation Council, sometimes referred to as the High Council, is the representative body most commonly identified with the Federation. The Council is composed of one representative from each of the five founding member worlds and six planetary representatives elected by the Assembly. Council members from the five founding planets are elected by their home planet or system for a term of five years. The purpose of the Council is to ratify legislation proposed by the Assembly. Council members are the final arbiters of what policies the Federation will adopt. In addition, the Council is directly responsible for the conduct of Star Fleet in protecting and enforcing Federation interests and policy. It also nominates the various departmental Secretaries as well as members of the Federation Tribunal, subject to ratification by the Assembly. In times of emergency, the Council is empowered to act with the full authority of both bodies.[1]

The Council is presided over by the President of the Council, who is nominated by fellow Council members and elected to a three-year term by a joint vote of the Councill and the Assembly. In many respects, the President of the Council can be viewed as the most powerful individual in the Federation. He or she is the final arbiter of any treaties or diplomatic provisions between the Federation and other foreign governments. In the event of a tie among Council members in voting on a piece of legislation, the President casts the deciding vote. In case of serious emergency, the President may act on behalf of either the Council or the Assembly, although any emergency measures he or she imposes require ratification by the Council at the earliest opportunity.[1]

In 2224, the Federation Council members were Thostic of Andor, David Eargoss of Alpha Centauri, Juliana Lorress of Earth, Gamlehiphr of Tellar, T'triss of Vulcan, Ruzzel Tapkan of Arcturus, Mrinnix of Cait, Arova Luranas of Cygnet XIV, Simira Hahn of Deneva, Polva Trassen of Ingraham B, and Christopher Ronnie of Izar.[1]

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