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Saturn (TNG 101-102)
Saturn (TNG 101-102)

Planetary Data

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets[1]
Distance from Star: 1,426,980,000km (9.5 AUs)[2]
Orbital Period: 24,209.8 rotations (29.46 years)[2]
Rotational Period: 10 hours, 40 minutes[2]
Class: J[2]
Cloudtop Temperature: -180°C[2]
Diameter: 120,536km[2]
Gravity: 0.93g[2]
Natural Satellites: Ring system;[1] 18 moons,[2] including Titan[3]
Points of Interest: Starfleet Academy Flight Range[4]

Saturn, the sixth planet in the Sol system,[1] is home to the Starfleet Academy Flight Range.[4]

Kelvin Timeline

On Stardate 2258.42, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 evaded detection by the Narada during its attack on Earth by coming out of warp in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan.[3]

Notes and References