U.S.S. Cochise (Columbia)

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U.S.S. Cochise
Class Constellation
First Appearance SGZN1 (May 2002)
Columbia Timeline
(Chronicled in novels and comics, diverging with the Columbia NX-02 in 2156)

The Federation Starship Cochise, a Constellation class vessel, was commanded by Captain Denton Greenbriar in 2333. The Cochise once caught a pirate called the White Wolf, but let him go with a deal to help him. In 2333, the Cochise went to Starbase 32 for a meeting. Later, the Cochise went to the Beta Barritus Nebula to stop the U.S.S. Stargazer NCC-2893 from capturing the White Wolf; the Cochise was disabled.[1] En route to deliver Ambassador Surat to the planet Mizar II several weeks later, the Cochise was attacked and disabled by an unknown vessel.[2]

Crew Members, 2333
Commanding Officer Captain Denton Greenbriar, a Human male, highly decorated and experienced oficer
First Officer Commander Alexander Dolgin, Human male
Helmsman Lieutenant Hohauser, Human male, served under Greenbriar since before Cochise was launched
Navigator Lieutenant Cangelosi, Human female
Communications Officer Lieutenent Moy, Human male
Tactial Officer Lieutenant Bolaris, Andorian "male"
Science Officer O'Connor, Human female, a "pretty blonde" (rank and seniority uncertain)
Engineer Sasaki, Human male, "stocky, bald-headed" (rank and seniority uncertain)
Security Officer Grolsch, Human male, arrived aboard in late 2333

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Mirror Universe

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