U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1974

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U.S.S. Constellation
Registry NCC-1974 (formerly NX-1974)
Class Constellation
Commissioned Reference Stardate 2/6002 (February 2275)

The lead vessel of the Constellation class,[1] the Federation Starship Constellation entered service on Reference Stardate 2/6002 (February 2275).[2][3][4] In 2293, the Constellation ran certification tests.[5]

In 2371, the Constellation was sent to transport a Jem'Hadar child abandoned on Deep Space 9 to Starbase 201.[6] After the U.S.S. Honshu NCC-60205 was destroyed in 2374, Starfleet assigned the Constellation and the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 to search for survivors in adjacent star systems.[7]

FASA Timeline

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Constellation class vessels

Prime Timeline

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Columbia Timeline

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FASA Timeline

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Mirror Universe

I.S.S. Gettysburg NCC-3890  •  I.S.S. Starbreaker / Stargazer NCC-2893

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