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Myriad Universes: Vulcans
Sarek, a Vulcan male (2249) (DSC 06)

Sarek, a Vulcan male (2249) (DSC 06)
Homeworld Vulcan
Notable Individuals Surak, Solkar, T'Pol, T'Pau, Sarek, Spock, Saavik
First Appearance TOS 05 (8 Sep 1966)

The Vulcans were members of the United Federation of Planets[1] and were dedicated to a philosophy of total logic.[2] Though humanoid, Vulcans could be distinguished by their pointed ears and upswept eyebrows.[1] Vulcans' blood was green, and their blood pressure was "practically nonexistent" with a typical pulse of 242 beats per minute.[3] A Vulcan's heart was located in the lower left of their chest, near the bottom of the rib cage.[4]

Vulcans possessed limited telepathic abilities, and were able to perform a mind meld, which would link their mind with that of another person.[5]

Vulcans made first contact with Humans on 5 April 2063.[6]

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