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  • Stardate 41294.5 (7 September): Lwaxana Troi visits her daughter, Counselor Troi, and prepares her for an arranged marriage. (TNG 105)
  • Stardate 41309.5 (12 September): The Enterprise transports a legendary, geriatric admiral who must negotiate a hostage situation involving a man he knew decades earlier in his career. The admiral, however, is mysteriously growing younger as their mission progresses. (TNG 112)



  • Stardate 41463.9 (8 November): The crew of the Enterprise discovers a crystalline lifeform with murderous intelligence that has been killing the scientists on a terraforming project. (TNG 117)
  • Stardate 41503.7 (22 November): Fugitive Klingons seeking battle attempt to hijack the Enterprise, and ask Worf to join them. (TNG 120)
  • Stardate 41509.1 (24 November): A planet formerly existing only in legend decloaks and requests help from the Enterprise. The planet's inhabitants are sterile and want to adopt children from the Enterprise—by force, if necessary. (TNG 118)


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