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Myriad Universes: Sarek
Sarek (2267) (TOS 44)

Sarek (2267) (TOS 44)
Species Vulcan
Sex Male
Family Solkar (Grandfather)
Skonn (Father)

Unknown (Ex-wife)
Sybok (Son)
Amanda Grayson (Wife)
Spock (Son)
Michael Burnham (Foster Daughter)

First Appearance  • Mentioned: TOS 01 (22 Sep 1966)
 • Appeared: TOS 44 (17 Nov 1967)
Portrayed by  •  Mark Lenard (TOS 44; ST03; ST04; ST06; TNG 171, 208)

 •  James Frain (DSC 01, 02, 06, 15)


Federation Ambassador[1] Sarek[2] was married to Amanda Grayson,[3] a Human woman;[4][5] they had a son, Spock,[6] who said on Stardate 1512.2 that Commander Balok of the First Federation starship Fesarius reminded him "in some manner" of Sarek.[5]

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