The City on the Edge of Forever (Episode)

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Myriad Universes: "The City on the Edge of Forever"
The City on the Edge of Forever
"The City on the Edge of Forever" (TOS28)

"The City on the Edge of Forever" (TOS28)
Series Star Trek
Season 1
Episode 28
Production Number 28

Previous Errand of Mercy (TOS27)
Next Operation -- Annihilate! (TOS29)
Released 6 Apr 1967
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate 3134.0: Kirk and Spock go back in time to restore history.

Doctor McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine. Delirious, he transports down to the planet below, to which the Enterprise has come to investigate strange ripples in time. Beaming down with a landing party, Kirk and Spock discover a living machine known as the Guardian of Forever. When McCoy leaps through the machine's portal, he vanishes into Earth's past. History is changed and the Enterprise ceases to exist. Hoping to undo the damage to history, Kirk and Spock leap through the device, into Depression-era New York City. There, Kirk meets and falls in love with Edith Keeler, a progressive social worker. Spock manages to use vintage 1930 equipment to construct a tricorder monitoring device, and while replaying footage from the machine, he discovers that Keeler has two possible futures: she will either begin a pacifist movement that will delay America's entry into World War II long enough for the Nazis to win, or she will die in a traffic accident. Kirk commits the most difficult act of his life when he prevents McCoy from saving her. Returning through space and time, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discover they succeeded, and history has been restored.

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Astrometrics 21st Street Mission; Alnitak system; Bangkok; Boise; Brooklyn; Brooklyn Bridge; Earth; Gateway; Germany; Honolulu; Luna; Madison Square Garden; Mongolia; New York City; Orion constellation; Orpheum Theater; Rome; Sol system; Thailand
Chronology OS28 Timeline; 23 February 1936; Prime Timeline; c.4.6 Billion BCE; c.1 Million BCE; 1930; 2267; Stardate 3134.0
Culture American; boxing; Chinese; Hell; Let Me Help; marriage; missionaries; obituary; piano
Education doctor; doctorate; physician; psychiatrist; surgeon
Food alchohol; bologna; bread; candy; coffee; milk; rice; soup; vegetables
People Bailey, Will; Barnes, Gus; Cabe, Bobby; Driver; Gable, Clark; Galloway; Guardian of Forever; Hadley; Helmsman; Hitler, Adolf; Hitler, Adolf (OS28); Hoover, Herbert; Jose, Alfredo Pedillo; Keeler, Edith; Keeler, Edith (OS28); Kidd, Killer; Kirk, James T.; Kyle; Leslie; Lincoln, Abraham; Lloyd, Gus; Mason, Mike; Mason, Ricky; McCook, Kid; McCoy, Leonard; Mulaney, Charley; Policeman; Prado, Manuel; Rodent; Roosevelt, Franklin D.; Roosevelt, Franklin D. (OS28); Science Technician; Scott, Montgomery; Security Guard; Sencio, Buddy; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; Uhura, Nyota; Yeoman
Politics American Civil War; American Revolution; British Army; British Empire; fascism; mayor; Nazis; Nazis (OS28); police; Roman Empire; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Ranks (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain); United States Navy; United States of America; United States President; World War I; World War II; World War II (OS28)
Science & Technology atom; bed; biped; books; calendar; cement; clock; communications; communicator; companel; computer; constellations; cordrazine; cot; diseases; dishes; electricty; furnace; gold; hallucination; heart; heavy water; hypospray; ice; knife; medication; medicine; mile; mnemonic memory circuit; movies; needles; nuclear power; nuclear weapons; orbit; PADD; padlock; phasers (Type 1, Type 2); photography; pikes; platinum; pound; psychiatry; pyramids; radio; silver; surgery; sutures; telephone; temporal anomalies; time (second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year); time travel; tobacco; towel; transporter; tricorder; typewriter; V2 rockets; vacuum tubes; webs; zinc
Ships & Vehicles automobiles; Constitution class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701; locomotives; sailing ships; trucks
Xenology bears; camels; horses; Humans; hybrids; mules; tigers; Vulcans
Miscellaneous bridge; cavalry; chief medical officer; commanding officer; Great Depression; hospital; logs; money (cents, dollars); pikemen; Red Alert; sickbay; Starfleet Uniforms (2266); US Navy Uniforms; Vulcan nerve pinch; Widin Dairy Farm


William Shatner

Also Starring
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Directed by
Joseph Pevney

Written by
Harlan Ellison

Produced by
Gene L. Coon

Executive Producer
Gene Roddenberry

Created by
Gene Roddenberry

Associate Producer
Robert H. Justman

Guest Star
Joan Collins as Sister Edith Keeler

Also Starring
DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy

James Doohan as Scott
George Takei as Sulu
Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
John Harmon as Rodent
Hal Baylor as Policeman
David L. Ross as Galloway
John Winston as Transporter Chief
Bartell La Rue as Guardian Voice

Music Composed and Conducted by
Alexander Courage

Script Consultant
D.C. Fontana

Director of Photography
Jerry Finnerman

Art Directors
Rolland M. Brooks
Walter M. Jefferies

Film Editor
James D. Ballas, A.C.E.

Assistant to the Producer
Edward K. Milkis

Assistant Director
Gregg Peters

Set Decorator
Marvin March

Costumes Created by
William Theiss

Post Production Executive
Bill Heath

Music Editor
Jim Henrikson

Sound Editor
Douglas H. Grindstaff

Sound Mixer
Carl W. Daniels

Photographic Effects
Film Effects of Hollywood

Script Supervisor
George A. Rutter

Music Consultant
Wilbur Hatch

Music Coordinator
Julian Davidson

Special Effects
Jim Rugg

Property Master
Irving A. Feinberg

George H. Merhoff

Head Grip
George Rader

Production Supervisor
Bernard A. Widin

Makeup Artist
Fred B. Phillips, S.M.A.

Hair Styles by
Virginia Darcy, C.H.S.

Wardrobe Mistress
Maragaret Makau

Joseph D'Agosta

Glen Glenn Sound Co.

A Desilu Production

In Association with
Norway Corporation

Executive in Charge of Production
Herbert F. Solow