Chronology: 2153

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Reference Stardate 1/0300 through 1/0312



  • Unknown: Enterprise is pulled through a rift in spacetime to a parallel reality where the starship Daedalus was never destroyed.[1][2]





  • RSD 0/7308.20 (20 August): First contact is officially made with the Tellarites when a single Tellarite patrol ship enters the Sol system and declares that the system has been annexed by the United Planets of 61 Cygni. Admiral Abel Niwen, commanding the Starfleet forces in the system, elects to diplomatically welcome the Tellarite vessel, while warning that any hostile action would be reciprocated. The Tellarite commander abruptly accepts what he sees as an offer of friendship and implied military alliance, thus beginning a long, successful relationship between the United Earth Republic and the United Planets of 61 Cygni. Admiral Niwen receives the Medal of Honor for his actions, and later retires from Starfleet to serve as Earth's first ambassador to Tellar.[3][4][5]





  • December 6: Xindi scientists test their new, planet-killing weapon in an asteroid field as Captain Archer is suddenly assisted by Andorians, led by Shran, in the Delphic Expanse. (ENT 65)
  • RSD 1/0312.06 (6 December): Starfleet Command institutes a mobilization alert to bring all bases and construction facilities to combat readiness. As a part of the mobilization alert, a Zone of Transport Escort is established. Starfleet assigns military escorts to all priority transports.[5]
  • December 12: A Xindi scientist, Degra, is tricked into giving Captain Archer information about the location of the new superweapon. (ENT 66)
  • December 27: Enterprise encounters a dying alien, one of the Sphere Builders, for the first time. (ENT 67)