Chronology: 2152

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Reference Stardates 1/0200-1/0212.31


  • Reference Stardate 0/6201: Informal groups of activists coalesce to form the 100-member Mars Constituent Assembly, which publishes a document called the "Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies." The document asserts that the Mars colonists are entitled to the same political and legal rights as anyone living on Earth, and is generally seen as a major step for the growing independence movment. (TOS 14; Decipher 7; FASA2004A; FASA2214) It will be used in the future as a precedent-setting document for worlds wanting to declare governmental autonomy. (FASA2221A)





  • Unknown: (ENT: "Surak's Soul")
  • August 14: Enterprise charts a course through a trinary star system to investigate a black hole, and the crew find themselves suffering from a condition that leaves them distracted and obsessed. (ENT 35)
  • Unknown: After her first trip through the transporter, Ensign Sato finds herself becoming incorporeal, with the crew believing she has perished. (ENT 36)


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