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Myriad Universes: Hikaru Sulu
Hikaru Sulu
Hikaru Sulu (TOS 05)

Hikaru Sulu (TOS 05)
Species Human
Sex Male
Born 3 Jul 2176[1][2]
Birthplace San Francisco, California, Earth
Serial Number SH7730-4967[1]
Portrayed by George Takei
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Hikaru W. Sulu[1] was born on 3 July 2176[1][2] in San Francisco, California, on Earth.[3]

In 2207, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu served as a physicist in the Sciences division aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.[11] By Stardate 1512.1, Sulu had taken over as helmsman, following the death of Lee Kelso on a previous mission.[12] On Stardate 1672.1, Sulu was part of a landing party trapped on planet Alfa 177 when the Enterprise transporter suffered a severe malfunction. He and the others suffered from exposure and frostbite when the surface temperatures dipped as low as -116°F, but had no long-term effects from the incident.[13]

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