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  • Stardate 1254.4: While exploring near the center of the galaxy, the Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter vortex and all her computer systems fail. A being named Lucien appears on the bridge, repairs the ship's systems and takes the crew to explore his planet, Megas-Tu. (TAS 09)
  • Stardate 5577.3: While observing a burned-out supernova, the Enterprise picks up a strange message transmitted in a two-hundred-year-old code. (TAS 15)
  • Stardate 5267.2: While exploring the Delta Triangle, where many starships have disappeared, the Enterprise is attacked by several Klingon vessels. During the battle they are caught in an ion storm. The Enterprise and one Klingon battlecruiser are drawn into a spacetime vortex and end up in a timeless dimension. (TAS 10)
  • Stardate 5392.4: While the Enterprise escorts two robot cargo ships carrying quintotriticale, a new seed grain, to famine-stricken Sherman's Planet, it encounters a Klingon battlecruiser pursuing a Federation scout ship. When the Enterprise rescues the pilot, the Klingons attack with a new energy weapon and demand that the pilot be handed over to them. (TAS 01)
  • Stardate 5499.9: While exploring the water planet Argo, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are transformed into water breathers by the planet's undersea inhabitants, the Aquans. In order to return to their normal selves, they must enlist the help of the Aquans to capture a giant sur-snake, whose venom holds the antidote. (TAS 13)


Holographic Rec Room (TAS 20)
  • Stardate 3183.3: A strange energy field causes the Enterprise computer to play practical jokes on the crew, but the humor soon turns to danger. (TAS 20)
  • Stardate 6063.4: A mysterious being threatens to destroy the Enterprise if the crew is unable to solve an ancient puzzle. (TAS 21)



The order given for the episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series is taken from the novelizations, which included chronological references and additional story elements. While the novelizations gave new (and more consistent) stardates, the stardates given in the original episode have been retained.
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