The Counter-Clock Incident (Episode)

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The Counter-Clock Incident
"The Counter-Clock Incident"

"The Counter-Clock Incident"
Series Star Trek: The Animated Series
Season 2
Episode 6
Production Number 22

Previous How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (TAS21)
Released 12 Oct 1974
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate 6770.3: A hyper-accelerated alien ship drags the Enterprise into a nova and both arrive in a universe where time flows backwards.

Commodore Robert April, the first captain of the Enterprise, and his wife, Sarah, the ship's first Chief Medical Officer, are aboard the starship once again to journey to Commodore April's retirement ceremonies. When an alien craft speeds past, Captain Kirk attempts to stop the other vessel with a tractor beam — which results in the Enterprise being pulled straight into a nova. Both vessels arrive in a parallel universe where everything is reversed, and even time flows backward, causing everyone aboard to start getting younger. The explorer who drew the Enterprise into this universe, Karl Five, offers to return the ship to its own reality, but the Enterprise personnel have all become children. April, now a healthy young man in his thirties, resumes command. After they reach normal space, Commodore April and his wife place the Enterprise crew into the transporter, which rematerializes them and returns them to their proper ages, and the Aprils both elect to return to their proper age as well. Considering April's performance, the Federation Council decides to review the mandatory retirement age.

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Episode Credits

Created by
Gene Roddenberry

Starring the Voices of
William Shatner as Capt. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy

Written by
Fred Bronson (as John Culver)

Directed by
Bill Reed

Executive Consultant
Gene Roddenberry

General Manager
Rock Benedetto

Special Effects Animation
Reuben Timmins

Sherman Labby, Paul Fennell, Dale Hale, Jack Miller, Michael O'Connor, Louise Sandoval, Ken Southworth, Dawn Huntley

Art Director
Don Christensen

Key Assistants
Mike Hazy, Bill House

Key Layout
Herb Hazleton, Alberto de Mello, Kay Wright

George Wheeler, Lorna Smith, Les Kaluza, George Jensen, Dick Hall, Warren Marshall, Wendell Washer, Martin Muller, Christopher Lane, Glen Keane, Maria Bennett, Ken Leonard, Wes Herschensohn, Jim Wiloughby, Cliff Vorhees, Robert Kline, Virgil Raddatz, John Perry, Carol Lundberg, Malcolm Weizer, George Goode, James Koukos, Tom Burton

Director of Color
Ervin Kaplan

Background Artists
Paul Xander, Curt Perkins, Maurice Harvey, Boris Gorelick, Don Peters, Rolando Oliva, Tom O'Loughlin, Janet Brown, Pat Keppler, Karen Shaffer

Robert Bentley, Jim Brummett, Bob Carlson, Ruy Cataldi, Jesse Cosio, Zion Davush, Lil Evans, Paul Fennell, Otto Feuer, Ed Friedman, Lee Halpern, La Verne Harding, Lou Kachivas, Marsh LaMore, Lawrence Miller, Fred Myers, Jane Nordin, Bill Nunes, Joe Nunez, Casey Onaitis, Jack Ozark, Bill Pratt, Len Rogers, Virgil Ross, Sonja Ruta, Don Schloat, Ben Shenkman, Brad Smith, Hank Smith, Reuben Timmins, Bob Trochim, George Waiss, Ron Westlund, Kaem Wong

Checking Supervision
Marion Turk, Jane Philippi

Xerography & Paint Supervision
John Remmel, Betty Brooks

Camera Supervison
R.W. Pope

Thane Berti, Bill Kotler, Joseph Ponticelle, Fredrick T. Ziegler, Don Dinehart, Earl Bendetto, John Aardal, Gene Gropper, Dean G. Teves

Also Starring the Voices of
George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett, James Doohan

Editoral Supervision
Joseph Simon, Doreen Dixon

Film Coordinator
June Gilham

Background Music by
Yvette Blais, Jeff Michael

Music Publisher
Shermley Music Co. A.S.C.A.P.

Music and Sound Effects
Horta Mahana Corp.

Color by

Associate Producer and Story Editor
D.C. Fontana

Produced by
Norm Prescott, Lou Scheimer