Witness for the Defense (FASA-2202)

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"Witness for the Defense" Cover
"Witness for the Defense"
Released 1983
Writer Guy W. McLimore, Jr., Fantasimulation Associates
Janus VI Design Guy W. McLimore, Jr.
Maps and other art Mitchell O'Connell and Dana Knutson
Graphic Design Dana Knutson and Mitch O'Connell

Stardate 8941.4 / Reference Stardate 2/1201:[Notes 1] Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 is called to Janus VI, where he must serve as a judge regarding the murder of a Horta, a silicon-based life form living beneath the planet's surface. In the process, an important discovery is made about the Hortas that once populated the planet.

This adventure scenario for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game contains everything a gamemaster needs to recreate the mystery and excitement of murder on Janus VI. This booklet is designed for use in campaigns featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, and includes complete maps and floor plans of the Janus VI pergium processing facility, which can also be used in later adventures.

Related Data

Astrometrics Hyrallis IV; Janus VI
Cast & Crew Knutson, Dana; McLimore, Guy W. Jr.; O'Connell, Mitch
Chronology 2270/2212 (FASA); Stardate 8941.4/Reference Stardate 2/1201
Culture gambling
Education doctor
People Adult Horta; Antara, Ralph; Appel, Ed; Conway, Randy; Delaney, Laura; Handy, Louis; Katz, Jack; Kirk, James T.; Leek, Davidson; Levine, Laurel; Mother Horta; McCoy, Leonard; Scott, Montgomery; Solon; Spock; Taplin, Clement; Vanderburg, Wilson; Wagner, Klaus
Politics Prime Directive; Starfleet/Star Fleet; Starfleet Ranks/Star Fleet Ranks; Starfleet General Orders/Star Fleet General Orders; Starfleet Regulation 5782/Star Fleet Regulation 5782; United Federation of Planets/United Federation of Planets (FASA); Yeoman
Science & Technology communicator; computer; impulse drive; pergium; phaser; psychotricorder; PXK Pergium Reactor; silicon; subspace radio; thermo-concrete; transporter; tricorder; warp drive; warp nacelle
Ships & Vehicles Constitution class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701; Model L Tunnel Runner; Model S3 Sizzle Bug
Xenology Horta; Humans; Vulcans
Miscellaneous murder; psionic interpreter


  1. The Reference Stardate system was established in the second edition of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, after the publication of this adventure. The Reference Stardate for this adventure was given in the "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Sourcebook Update," published in 1986.