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Abrams (TOS 08)

Abrams (TOS 08)
Species Human
Sex Male
First Appearance TOS 07 (15 Sep 1966)
Portrayed by Unknown[1]

Abrams[2] was assigned to security aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2266. When the ship made first contact with the First Federation on Stardate 1512.2, the crewman was one of several who paused while walking through the corridor to listen to an announcement by Captain Kirk.[3] When Lieutenant Sulu was infected with polywater intoxication on Stardate 1704.2, he chased Abrams and a science department crewman through the corridors, armed with a foil.[4] Abrams was on duty on the bridge on Stardate 1709.2, when a Romulan Bird of Prey crossed the Neutral Zone and destroyed several Earth Outposts. Captain Kirk ordered him to eject the ship's recorder-marker buoy with all ship's logs when they were racing to escape a new plasma torpedo.[5] On Stardate 3012.4, Abrams was one of several crewmen who paused while walking in the corridor to listen to an announcement by Commander Spock.[6][7] When the ship accidentally traveled back in time to 1969 on Stardate 3113.2, Abrams was knocked unconscious by Captain John Christopher, who took his phaser in an attempt to escape.[8] Abrams was part of a landing party to Deneva on Stardate 3287.2, when that planet was overwhelmed by neural parasites.[9]

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Notes and References

  1. The actor who played Abrams never had any dialogue and was thus never listed in the episode credits. He also played several other members of the Enterprise crew, including Bobby, an Engineering Crewman, and a Medical Technician. While other sources have assumed these were all the same character inexplicably changing division colors multiple times, Bobby and the Engineering Crewman were seen simultaneously in different parts of the ship in two episodes, and therefore must be separate characters.
  2. The character's name comes from the script to "Operation -- Annihilate!" and was not spoken in dialogue.
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