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Reference Stardate 2/2201 through 2/2212





  • RSD 2/2204: Work continues very slowly on the Operation Armageddon simulation. The failure of Operation Dixie, the transfer of high-level Star Fleet officers, the Galactic Conference, and the increasing presence of Klingon military activity all lead to a general cut-back in training projects in favor of "real" military spending.[6]
  • RSD 2/2204.01 (1 April): The Klingon Emperor sends Admiral Konuu a message that in the absence of Krador's body, he wants the ashes. Failing that, Konuu had better not return to Klinzhai until he can produce either of the two. Konuu throws himself deeper into the investigation, spending more time doing deep mental probes on the survivors in an effort to get an accurate idea of where to find Krador's body.[1]
  • RSD 2/2204.19 (19 April): Krador decides to invest the time necessary to get to the Triangle before actively renewing his plans to seek revenge. He dispatches a message to his uncle, Admiral Kreetan, on Klinzhai. The message uses a family code so only Kreetan will grasp its significance. Krador resumes his journey to the Triangle.[1]
  • RSD 2/2204.22 (22 April): After intensive interrogations, Konuu comes to the grim conclusion that Krador might very probably have escaped, but he is uncertain as to where. The investigation continues.[1]





  • RSD 2/2208.03 (3 August): Star Fleet Security Command publishes a report examining how Admiral Kirk was able to spacejack a starship from Earth Spacedock. The report also suggests numerous procedural changes to improve security and to prevent a repeat occurrence.[6]
  • RSD 2/2208.10 (10 August): Konuu realizes that he has no real idea where Krador went. Concluding that Krador will seek revenge, he decides to parcel out some of his forces to establish surveillance on Krador's few remaining relatives, on the off chance that Krador might contact them.[1]


  • RSD 2/2209: Star Fleet Intelligence receives rumors that an important Klingon Intelligence installation has been destroyed as a result of political infighting. This installation, supposedly on Valtor III, would have been a key base between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.[15][6]
  • RSD 2/2209.15 (15 September): An unidentified alien spacecraft is detected in deep space. Over the next two weeks, the ship rapidly continues on a course toward Earth.[16][6]
  • RSD 2/2209.16 (16 September): A computer failure on Starbase 10 destroys many Star Fleet Intelligence personnel files related to Operation Dixie.[6]
  • RSD 2/2209.26 (26 September): Kiltarc zantai Neygebh, the Klingon Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, arrives on Earth. He demands that Admiral James T. Kirk be delivered to the Klingons, to be tried as a pirate and interstellar criminal for his role in the Genesis Incident. The Federation Council refuses, saying that Kirk is subject only to Federation jurisprudence.[14]
  • RSD 2/2209.27 (27 September): Admiral Kirk and his party leave Vulcan in the Klingon Bird of Prey. The group is bound for Earth, where all except the resurrected Spock face court-martial for the theft and destruction of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.[16][6]
  • RSD 2/2209.29 (29 September): The alien spacecraft reaches Earth, neutralizing any starship that impedes its progress. Though still unidentified, the vessel makes its intentions partially known upon its arrival: it is attempting to establish meaningful communication with an intelligent species of life that is now extinct on Earth–Cetacea Mysticeti, better known as humpback whales. As the alien's search intensifies, it begins heating the planet's atmosphere, vaporizing the oceans and altering the planet's ecological balance. If action is not taken soon, the damage will be irreversible and catastrophic, rendering the entire planet lifeless.[16][6]
  • RSD 2/2209.30 (30 September): Federation Council President Alistair Fergus sends out an urgent message describing the situation on Earth, and ordering all starships to stay away from the planet. Admiral Kirk's party aboard the Bird of Prey receives the message and formulates a plan of action.[16][6]
  • RSD 2/2209.30 (30 September): After Kreetan elatedly receives Krador's message, he quickly starts to arrange a tour of repair facilities on the Triangle border.[1]




  • RSD 2/2212: Floont has his first meeting with Rodney Maremaunt, complete with a classic blackmail setup. The pictures are stored for further use.[1]
  • RSD 2/2212: Lancelot Worthington III sells the Romulans information that a Star Fleet Intelligence operative has wormed his way into the anti-cloaking device staff. Because of the careful plan begun 18 months earlier, the Romulans confirm this intelligence and remove all of the research staff connected with the project. The BioResearch mole becomes the project's new head. He begins to delay the project, to steal parts for the new cloaking device, and to make untraceable copies of the anti-cloaking device plans.[1]
  • RSD 2/2212.08 (8 December): Krador persuades Vastok to become partners. Krador is released from the brig, and the two start hashing out details for setting up production of the mind-control drug.[1]
  • RSD 2/2212.15 (15 December): The I.K.V. K'ti'suka, still being pursued by the U.S.S. Cooper NCC-4791, halts near the edge of Federation space, where a large Klingon force awaits. Several Federation vessels following the Cooper surprise the Klingon squadron in a full-scale multi-ship battle.[6]
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