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Daedalus class
Daedalus class (SotL 2015)
Daedalus class (SotL 2015)
Commissioned 2139
Retired 2196

The Daedalus class came into service in the 22nd century,[1] and was one of the first types of starships commissioned and operated under the auspices of the United Federation of Planets. The Daedalus class was also among the first to demonstrate the primary/secondary hull design that would become characteristic of Starfleet vessels.[2] Unlike most starships, the Daedalus had a spherical main hull.[3] The last ships of this class were—at least officially—taken out of service by the year 2196,[1] when they were replaced by the newer Einstein and Baton Rouge classes,[4] though several remained in service well into the 23rd century.[5][6]

Daedalus class (Legacy)
Daedalus class (Legacy)

The Daedalus class was already an older design at the onset of the Romulan War, with the class vessel, the Daedalus, being launched in 2139,[7] but was easily refitted with newer technologies introduced on the NX class, notably including the newer Warp Five engines, photonic torpedoes, and phase cannons. Designed for function before form, the Daedalus class ships weren't as sleek or elegant as their NX class sister ships, but they could be constructed far faster, making them a mainstay of Starfleet forces during the war.[8]

The more spartan fittings of Earth ships built for the Romulan War also affected the Daedalus class's feel; it began a century of minimal, utilitarian ship design that became the hallmark of 23rd century Starfleet vessels. The Daedalus class did not necessarily have the full technological capabilities to match its mission profile of deep space exploration and independent counterpiracy operations against the Orions and Nausicaans.[9] Although outfitted with subspace radio,[8] the Daedalus class had an operating range well beyond the limit of Starfleet's subspace beacon system,[10] so the furthest travelers still found themselves out of contact. This could explain why so many Daedalus class vessels vanished on these first missions.[9]


  Mk I Mk II
Date entered service 2139[7] 2156[8]
Length 97m 97m
Width 48m 48m
Height 35m 35m
Decks 6 6
Transporters None[11] 1
Crew 165 229[1]
Passengers 85 85
Evacuation Limit 1,550 1,500
Shuttlecraft 4 4
Cruising Speed Warp 2[8] Warp 4[8]
Emergency Speed Unk. Warp 5[8]
Weapons Tesla-class[11] Type II Laser Cannons Phase cannons[8]
1 torpedo launcher; Spatial torpedoes[8] 1 torpedo launcher; Photonic torpedoes[8]

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