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Stardate 0636 through 1635
Reference Stardate 2/0100 through 2/0112






  • Stardate 1312.4/Reference Stardate 2/0705 (approx. 4 September): After the Enterprise attempts to cross the Galactic Barrier at the edge of the galaxy, crew members Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner develop "godlike" psychic powers which threaten the safety of the crew.[9][7]
  • Stardate 1321.6 (approx. 9 September): The Enterprise docks at Starbase 47 for repairs, following the incident at the Galactic Barrier.[4]
  • Stardate 1329.1 (approx. 10 September): The Enterprise pursues a vessel and rescues its occupants: interstellar con man Harry Mudd, who is arrested on outstanding charges, and three incredibly beautiful women, his cargo. After Kirk diverts to a mining planet to obtain new dilithium crystals for the Enterprise, Mudd negotiates with the three miners there, exchanging the women for his own profit. Finally, Mudd's deception is revealed as the women are, in fact, taking an illegal Venus drug. Kirk obtains the crystals he needs and takes Mudd back into custody.[10]




Captain Kirk's five-year mission was established to have begun in 2265 in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Q2". The Star Trek episode "The Menagerie, Part I" further establishes that Spock served under Captain Pike for 11 years, and that it had been 13 years since the events of "The Cage," meaning that Stardate 3012.4 fell two years into Kirk's command. The episode "Charlie X" further added weight to this, establishing both Stardate 1533.1 and the Earth date of Thanksgiving, which falls on 23 November in 2265. As the stardates ranged from the mid-1000s to the low 3000s in the first season and continued to increase at approximately 1000 per season afterward, it seems logical to conclude that the first season spanned nearly two years, and later seasons one each, with the second season chronicling the 3000s, the third season the 4000s and 5000s, and the Animated Series the 5000s. If Captain Kirk's command began on or about Stardate 1000, this would put the end of the five year mission on or about Stardate 6000, shortly after the end of the Animated Series. Using these dates as a reference point, the following can be established:

  • Stardate 1000 fell on 13 May 2265.
  • The range for Stardates each year is from X636 to Y635 (e.g., 1636 to 2635)
  • This places "The Menagerie" (Stardate 3012.4) on 18 May 2267, at the beginning of Kirk's third year in command of the Enterprise
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