Dagger of the Mind (Episode)

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Myriad Universes: "Dagger of the Mind"
Dagger of the Mind
"Dagger of the Mind" (TOS11)

"Dagger of the Mind" (TOS11)
Series Star Trek
Season 1
Episode 9
Production Number 11

Previous What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS10)
Next Miri (TOS12)
Released 3 Nov 1966
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate 2715.1: A new treatment for the criminally insane has deadly results.

The Enterprise is delivering supplies to Tantalus V, a "progressive" penal colony directed by Dr. Tristan Adams. A Tantalus inmate escapes to the ship and demands asylum. An apparent raving madman, the patient is subdued and taken to sickbay. There, he is identified as Dr. Simon van Gelder, Dr. Adams' assistant.

Captain Kirk and ship's psychiatrist Dr. Helen Noel beam down to Tantalus to ensure that all is well. After they leave, Mr. Spock uses a mind meld on van Gelder and determines that Adams has turned Tantalus into a chamber of horrors, using a neural neutralizer—a device responsible for van Gelder's incoherent state.

Kirk and Noel experience the device firsthand when Adams uses it to convince Kirk that he is hopelessly in love with Dr. Noel. She risks her life to cut the colony's power so that Spock and a landing party can beam down through the planet's defensive forcefield. During the attack, Adams accidentally dies in his own machine, and van Gelder becomes the new director of Tantalus, where his first act is to dismantle the neural neutralizer.

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William Shatner

Also Starring
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Directed by
Vincent McEveety

Written by
S. Bar-David

Created and Produced by
Gene Roddenberry

Associate Producers
Robert H. Justman, John D.F. Black

Director of Photography
Jerry Finnerman

Art Directors
Rolland M. Brooks
Walter M. Jefferies

Music Composed and Conducted by
Alexander Courage

Guest Star
James Gregory

DeForest Kelley, Morgan Woodward
Marianna Hill as Helen Noel


Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
Susanne Wasson as Lethe
John Arndt as First Crewman
Larry Anthony as Transportation Man
Ed McCready as Inmate
Eli Behar as Therapist

Film Editor
Bruce Schoengarth

Assistant to the Producer
Edward K. Milkis

Assistant Director
Gregg Peters

Set Decorator
Marvin March

Costumes Created by
William Theiss

Post Production Executive
Bill Heath

Music Editor
Robert H. Raff

Sound Editor
Joseph G. Sorokin

Sound Mixer
Jack F. Lilly

Photographic Effects
Westheimer Company

Script Supervisor
George A. Rutter

Music Consultant
Wilbur Hatch

Music Coordinator
Julian Davidson

Special Effects
Jim Rugg

Property Master
Irving A. Feinberg

George H. Merhoff

Head Grip
George Rader

Production Supervisor
Bernard A. Widin

Makeup Artist
Fred B. Phillips, S.M.A.

Hair Styles by
Virginia Darcy, C.H.S.

Wardrobe Mistress
Margaret Makau

Joseph D'Agosta

Glen Glenn Sound Co.

A Desilu Production

In Association with
Norway Corporation

Executive in Charge of Production
Herbert F. Solow