U.S.S. Essex NCC-1719 (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Essex
U.S.S. Essex
Registry NCC-1719
Class Constitution
Commissioned RSD 2/0104
Status Scrapped (RSD 2/5001)
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Federation Starship Essex, a Constitution class cruiser crewed entirely by Vulcans,[1] was commissioned on Reference Stardate 2/0104 (April 2201), and refit to Mark III specifications on Reference Stardate 2/0209 (September 2202).[2] On Reference Stardate 2/1105 (May 2211), the Essex, commanded by Captain Salar, discovered the Klingon D-7 class vessel I.K.S. Dun Da Spu ("Great Book Strike") in the 34 Kraol system, within the Triangle. A Klingon landing party was attempting to alter the cultural development of the race native to the third planet, and sought to tap the world's extensive durallium deposits.[1]

The Essex was upgraded to Mark I of the Enterprise class specifications on Reference Stardate 2/1803 (March 2218);[2] Reference Stardate 2/2406 (June 2224) saw a further refit, this time to the Mark III specifications. On Reference Stardate 2/2909 (September 2229), the Essex was transferred to Starfleet Training Command. The Essex was scrapped on Reference Stardate 2/5001 (January 2250).[3]

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