Prime Chronology: 2364

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  • Stardate 41623.9 (6 January): A Ferengi DaiMon returns the abandoned U.S.S. Stargazer to its former commanding officer, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard, who experiences severe headaches, begins to relive the "Battle of Maxia" in which he lost the ship. (orig. 41723.9) (TNG 110)
  • Stardate 41636.9 (11 January): The Enterprise visits a world dominated by women to rescue survivors of a downed freighter. (TNG 115)
  • Stardate 41658.2 (19 January): Trapped on the surface of an abandoned planet, an away team becomes unwitting participants in the demonstration of an advanced weapons system. (orig. 41798.2) (TNG 121)
  • Stardate Unknown: Picard tries to mediate a trade dispute between two neighboring planets, one of which is the sole supplier of a drug to treat the other's apparently fatal disease. (TNG 123)


  • Stardate 41701.3 (3 February): An evil, tar-like creature holds Troi hostage on an alien world. During the rescue mission, one of the Enterprise crew is killed. (orig. 41601.3) (TNG 122)
  • Stardate 41757.9 (24 February): Picard meets an old flame, whose husband has been affected by an accident involving an experiment. (orig. 41697.9) (TNG 124)


  • Stardate 41775.5 (1 March): The strange behavior of high-ranking officers—which earlier prompted the investigation of the crew—leads Picard to uncover a conspiracy within Starfleet. (TNG 125)


  • Stardate 41986.0 (17 May): A derelict satellite is found containing cryogenically frozen Humans from the 21st century as the Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of outposts near Romulan space. (TNG 126)



  • Stardate 42193.6 (1 August): The Enterprise becomes trapped in a spatial phenomenon. Here they are subjected to unusual experiments by the whim of a being unlike any they have encountered before. (TNG 128)




  • Stardate 42477.2 (13 November): The crew play host to a deaf, telepathic ambassador who mediates difficult peace negotiations with the assistance of his trio of telepathic interpreters. (TNG 132)
  • Stardate 42494.8 (20 November): The Enterprise receives a distress call from the U.S.S. Lantree, discovering its crew has apparently died of old age. The race is on to solve the mystery before scientists on a research colony suffer the same fate. (TNG 133)
  • Stardate 42506.5 (24 November): Commander William Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel via an officer exchange program between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. (TNG 134)
  • Stardate 42523.7 (30 November): After Lieutenant Commander Data refuses an order from Starfleet to be dismantled for research purposes, a hearing is convened to determine if he is a legal citizen or property of the Federation. (TNG 135)


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