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Trelane (TOS 18)
Anton Karidian (TOS 12)
  • Stardate 2817.6: While visiting an old friend, Kirk suspects a Shakespearean actor may actually be the murderous former governor of Tarsus IV. Kirk invites the acting troupe aboard the Enterprise in order to investigate, but soon assassination attempts are made on Kirk and another crewman who was an eyewitness to the murders. (TOS 12: "The Conscience of the King")
  • Stardate 2821.5: Spock and a scientific party are sent to study the Murasaki 312 quasar aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo. During the survey, the Galileo is forced to make an emergency landing on the planet Taurus II, where the crew fight the planet's dangerous inhabitants. As the crew begin to make repairs, Scotty determines that the shuttle does not have enough fuel to reach orbit carrying all seven passengers, and Spock must contemplate leaving some of his fellow crew behind. (TOS 13: "The Galileo Seven")
  • Stardate 2947.3: Captain Kirk is placed on trial for negligence after a crewman is killed during a severe ion storm. Kirk maintains that his actions were proper and should not have led to the officer's death, but the evidence seems strong against him. Will Kirk's crew be able to save the captain from conviction? (TOS 14: "Court Martial")
Christopher Pike (TOS 16)
Gorn captain (TOS 19)
  • Stardate 3045.6: The Enterprise comes under attack by unknown aliens while investigating the near destruction of the Cestus III colony. While chasing the aliens into unexplored space, both ships are captured by the powerful Metrons, who force Kirk and the Gorn captain to trial by combat: the winner's vessel will be set free, while the loser's ship will be destroyed. (TOS 19: "Arena")
  • Stardate 3087.6: While orbiting an apparently dead planet, the Enterprise seems to experience a strange moment of "nonexistence". Captain Kirk discovers a man named Lazarus on the planet below, who claims the effect was caused by his "enemy", later revealed to be an insane version of Lazarus from an alternate dimension. The sane version of Lazarus asks for Kirk's help in defeating his counterpart. (TOS 20: "The Alternative Factor")
  • Stardate 3113.2: After accidentally traveling back in time to 1969, the Enterprise rescues USAF Captain John Christopher from his crippled fighter jet. The crew struggles to return to their own time, while simultaneously returning Christopher to the Air Force, removing his knowledge of the future and all record of contact with the Enterprise. (TOS 21: "Tomorrow is Yesterday")
  • Stardate 3134.0: After accidentally overdosing on a powerful stimulant, Dr. McCoy becomes unbalanced and disappears through the Guardian of Forever, a newly discovered time portal on a remote planet. Kirk and Spock follow after learning that McCoy somehow changed history. Arriving in the 1930s, the duo meet Edith Keeler, a New York social worker who gives them a place to stay. As the days pass, and McCoy is nowhere to be seen, Kirk finds himself falling in love with Keeler... but Spock discovers that Keeler must die to restore the timeline. (TOS 28: "The City on the Edge of Forever")
Khan (TOS 24)
  • Stardate 3141.9: The Enterprise discovers an ancient sleeper ship, the S.S. Botany Bay, which escaped from Earth's Eugenics Wars in the late 20th century. The genetically engineered passengers, led by war criminal Khan Noonien Singh, attempt to seize control of the Enterprise. (TOS 24: "Space Seed")
  • Stardate 3156.2: The Enterprise discovers a planetary population controlled by a powerful being called Landru. While investigating, Captain Kirk and his landing party are taken captive and discover that the Enterprise crew will be the next to be "absorbed" into Landru's control. (TOS 22: "The Return of the Archons")
  • Stardate 3192.1: On Eminiar VII, the Enterprise finds a civilization at war with its planetary neighbor. Unable to discern any signs of battle from orbit, Captain Kirk leads a landing party to the surface where he discovers the entire war is fought by computer. Even though the war is simulated, citizens who are listed as virtual casualties still report to termination booths to be killed in reality. After the Enterprise is "destroyed" in an attack simulation, Kirk must fight to keep his crew from death. (TOS 23: "A Taste of Armageddon")
Horta (TOS 26)
  • Stardate 3196.1: Dispatched to the mining colony on Janus VI, the Enterprise is tasked to investigate rumors of a strange, subterranean creature responsible for destruction of equipment and the deaths of fifty miners. Kirk and Spock discover a silicon-based life form, a Horta, which lives in the surrounding rock. After Kirk and his Vulcan first officer find the strange creature, Spock performs a mind meld, discovering the reason behind the Horta's attacks. (TOS 26: "The Devil in the Dark")
Kor (TOS 27)
Neural parasite (TOS 29)
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