The Devil in the Dark (Episode)

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"The Devil in the Dark"
Stardate 3196.1
Series Star Trek
Episode Number 26
Release Date 9 March 1967
Writer Gene L. Coon
Director Joseph Pevney
Captain James T. Kirk William Shatner
Lieutenant Commander Spock Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy DeForest Kelley
Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott James Doohan
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu George Takei
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura Nichelle Nichols
Guest Cast
Horta Janos Prohaska
Chief Engineer Vanderberg Ken Lynch
Lieutenant Commander Giotto Barry Russo
Ed Appel Brad Weston
Schmitter Biff Elliot

An unknown monster threatens a mining operation.

Janus VI mining colony
Horta eggs

The pergium miners on planet Janus VI are being killed by an unknown creature that can burrow through stone. Chief mining engineer Vanderberg summons the Enterprise to assist in locating and killing the monster. When the creature steals a vital part of the PXK reactor, which regulates the mining colony's support functions, Spock realizes they are dealing with an intelligent life form. After Captain Kirk wounds the entity, Spock performs a Vulcan mind meld. He learns that the creature, which calls itself a Horta, is killing only to prevent the destruction of its thousands of silicon eggs. Dr. McCoy, using construction materials, heals the wounded Horta. The miners attack with the intention of killing the creature, but when they learn "she" is only a defensive mother and they have been killing her unborn children, they calm down. Vanderberg and his people agree to form a symbiotic relationship with the Horta. The freshly hatched children will dig the pergium—while the miners will sit back and become rich.