U.S.S. El Dorado NCC-1724 (FASA)

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U.S.S. El Dorado
Registry NCC-1724
Class Constitution
Commissioned RSD 2/0109
Status Inactive Reserve (RSD 2/2006)
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Federation Starship El Dorado, a Constitution class cruiser, was constructed to Mark II specifications and commissioned on Reference Stardate 2/0109 (September 2201).[1]

From 2201 until circa 2203, Lieutenant Commander James T. Kirk served as First Officer.[2] At that time, the El Dorado was commanded by an Andorian captain, Prince Flawol, the Subarch of Trexlor. The ship had a diverse crew, which also included a Tellarite science officer, a Rigellian chief medical officer and navigation officer, a Vulcan chief engineer, and a Coridan communications officer. The overall crew complement was approximately 1% Vulcans, 16% Tellarites, 14% Coridans, 26% Rigellians, 23% Andorians, and 20% Humans.[3]

On Reference Stardate 2/0212 (December 2202), the ship was refit to Mark III specifications, then to Mark IV on Reference Stardate 2/1202 (January 2212). The El Dorado was placed in an inactive reserve fleet on Reference Stardate 2/2006 (June 2220).[1]

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Notes and References

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