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U.S.S. Constellation (TOS 35)
  • Stardate 4202.9 (approx. 27 May): After losing his entire crew to an alien planet-eating machine, Commodore Matthew Decker pulls rank on Captain Kirk in order to play a game of cat-and-mouse with the mechanical adversary. His efforts to destroy the menace place the Enterprise in grave danger. In a tactic later known as the Kirk Defense, and following Decker's self-sacrificial example, the Enterprise crew disables the Doomsday Machine by setting the Constellation's engines for self-destruct, exploding the starship inside the Doomsday Machine. (TOS 35)
  • Stardate 4211.4 (approx.30 May): Captain Kirk must decide how to save a primitive people from the technological interference of the Klingons. (TOS 45)




  • Stardate 4385.3 (approx. 1 August): For trespassing on an alien world, Captain Kirk and his companions are forced to re-enact the famous shoot-out at the O.K. Corral with themselves cast as the losing side. (TOS 56)



  • Stardate 4598.0 (approx. 18 October): The Enterprise visits a planet with a violent culture based on America's 1920s prohibition era. (TOS 49)




Using the stardate given in "Charlie X" (1533.1), coupled with the calendar date given in that episode ("Thanksgiving," which falls on 23 November in 2265), a range of stardates for 2267 was devised: 3797-4793, which results in 2.75 stardates per 24 hours. Using this range as a guide, the following ranges were calculated per month for 2267:

  • January: 3797-3881
  • February: 3882-3958
  • March: 3959-4040
  • April: 4041-4125
  • May: 4126-4207
  • June: 4208-4292
  • July: 4293-4377
  • August: 4378-4459
  • September: 4460-4541
  • October: 4542-4626
  • November: 4627-4708
  • December: 4709-4793

These date ranges are, of course, approximate; calendar dates on other entries have been calculated based upon these ranges, except where explicitly given in the original story.

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